5 Benefits of Managed IT Services to the Healthcare Industry

Security and efficiency are cornerstones of any medical practice, and managed IT services provide ideal support. Technology and tactics used by cybercriminals are in a constant state of change. For medical practices to keep up with shifting demands of their IT network, hardware, and technologies with an in-house IT team comes at a very high cost. Remote IT consulting and support with managed IT services drastically cuts costs. Details about the benefits of managed IT services for healthcare practices follow.

1) Better Data Security

Digital medical records stored offline and in the cloud are more secure when protected via managed IT services. Security is more important than ever, as more and more healthcare providers allow their patients to view medical records online from their own devices. When you choose managed IT services for security, the expertise of many IT professionals and around-the-clock focus on cybersecurity are on your side. If you choose Ultimate Technical Solutions, Inc., (UTSI) for managed IT services, you can be confident of being fully compliant with HIPAA requirements. In addition, the privacy of your patients will be protected using up-to-date technology and cybersecurity measures.

2) Minimized Downtime

For any part of a healthcare provider’s IT system to be down can have costly effects. No longer does downtime need to be a concern, however, with UTSI as your IT consulting company. Keeping your systems running smoothly is a 24/7 focus. If something should happen to disrupt your network, we have virtually everything required already in place for quick resolution of the problem.

3) Effectively Coordinated Patient Care

The process of allowing doctors and nurses to both provide and receive accurate patient records is easier with cloud hosting services. With the cloud and managed IT services, you have access to patient files whether you are at a satellite medical office, your main location, or making rounds at a hospital. In fact, wherever you are with an Internet connection, you have secure patient file access.

4) Streamline Systems in Multiple Facilities

Many physicians operate out of multiple locations. You can ensure a higher level of cohesion, uniformity, and cybersecurity by taking advantage of the managed IT services at UTSI. Communication between different physical locations is easier with standardized operations. Streamlining systems is another way medical practitioners can enjoy seamless transitions between offices.

5) More Manageable Operating Costs

Managed IT services from UTSI involve a monthly set fee that is, overall, more affordable than any other method for ensuring that your IT systems are operating smoothly. Unnecessary paperwork is eliminated, as well, since access to patient records is unhindered. The coordinated data services a managed IT service provides also helps eliminate unnecessary or redundant testing and prevent over-prescription of medications. The bottom line is that managed IT services provide overall cost savings.


UTSI has managed IT solutions that your healthcare practice needs. All aspects of IT solutions can be covered by UTSI, from a backup and disaster recovery plan to reliable IT support, managing your IT infrastructure, and updating and protecting your computers. Schedule your complimentary on-site network service assessment today!

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