Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Keeping it Cloud-y


Many significant processes especially for productivity are now done through the internet, thanks to cloud technology. This might be a broad and complex topic for many, but if you want to start your understanding and usage of cloud technology, start with cloud storage. Let’s also discuss a few concerns with cloud storage technologies and how they can be handled.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Types and Advantages

Deciding between a public and private cloud, even hybrid ones, will lead you to a different set of benefits of cloud storage services. Consider the resources that you or your company has, and at the same time the extent of involvement you want from cloud storage providers.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Public

A public cloud is something familiar. There are a lot of public cloud storage providers out there, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive. These cloud storage providers give access to anyone who needs cloud storage technologies readily available for access. These cloud storage providers will give you online space that is also accessed by others. In other words, you are sharing this online space. Cloud service providers will be the ones to manage this space so that cloud storage technologies are well-divided within users.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Why Public?

Go for a public cloud if you or your company is keeping budget allocations for cloud storage technologies. While public clouds are relatively cheaper compared to private clouds, they are also easier to manage on your end. Another advantage of public cloud storage technologies is that it’s the cloud storage provider who will manage the space for you. You’ll just simply ensure that the cloud is in-sync with computers and other gadgets that might need cloud storage technologies. Among the benefits of cloud storage services, public clouds show ease of use and access.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Private

A private cloud shows a different set of cloud storage technologies. Cloud storage providers will build or provider cloud storage infrastructure that only and your organization can access. Simply saying, you do not share this online space with anyone. Whatever cloud storage technologies you want to have, which includes other cloud computing processes, you only have for yourself.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Why Private?

While more expensive than public clouds, private clouds will assure you that your files are well-guarded and won’t encounter problems associated with sharing online spaces, like files being mixed up with others or illegal access from other users. Also, you’ll have more time talking to cloud storage providers rather a big company like Google or Microsoft that are mostly accessible through customer support. By talking to your cloud storage providers, you get to customize your private cloud. There are a lot more cloud storage technologies you can explore through the private cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Concerns

Any technology isn’t perfect, so don’t be surprised with cloud storage technologies. While these disadvantages may derail you at some point, don’t hesitate to bring them up with your cloud storage providers to ask for help. Benefits of cloud storage benefits might overpower these disadvantages, and let’s see how:

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: End of Service Terms

Let’s say you weren’t able to pay for service renewal. Does that mean your files are now for ownership by cloud storage providers? Or will these cloud storage providers delete them and give your space to others? The thing with cloud storage at the end of your service contract is that you won’t access your files until you renew the service. This proves a hassle because it will halt operations that require cloud storage technologies. But this is not a disadvantage, just more of like part of terms of service from cloud storage providers. Don’t worry; once you renew your contract, you can access your files again. They won’t be deleted.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Cybersecurity

Online security is another concern for online resources, particularly for cloud storage technologies. You might think that putting your files makes them more susceptible to viruses, malware, or hacking, but this is only partially true. We’ll say partially, because malicious forces online get smarter by the minute, but trust that cloud service providers are well equipped with security measures to protect their online spaces. Online cloud technologies include the more updated means to block off malicious programs and illegal human intervention, through strong firewalls and other means compliant to international standards. In other words, feel safe. Cloud storage providers and well-aware of this particular concern.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services: Conclusion

Cloud storage technologies were discussed here, and now that you’ve read this, you are not empty-handed, knowledge-wise, when you approach cloud service providers. “Keeping it cloud-y” is a good decision for you and your company, so consider UTSI for all your cloud storage needs and services.

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