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When we talk about data breaches, the first thing that comes to our mind is the big incidents targeting large companies and corporations. However, small to medium sized enterprises are also attacked by cybercriminals due to their lack of security measures. Being a victim of cyber-attacks can be devastating as it can result in financial damages as well as loss of client trust.

Most attacks are caused by network vulnerabilities which include malwares, weak spots in your communications infrastructure, intranet or internet connections, hardware, software, and servers. To help protect your business, the best IT services in Saint Rose like UTSI will share some of the most common network vulnerabilities that you need to be aware of.

Best IT services saint rose

What are the Common Vulnerabilities for Your Network?

1. Malware

Malware or malicious software is a term used to describe a program designed to damage or harm a computer network. It aims to steal your data, spy on your activities, or shut down your systems. Once it infects your network, it can cause major damage to your business. Malware may come in various forms including:

Internet robots, simply called bots, are applications that automatically perform specific tasks. Bots can record keystrokes, obtain passwords, capture and analyze packets, gather financial information, launch Denial of Service (DOS) Attacks, and relay spam.

Ransomware is a malware that holds a computer system hostage. Without paying for the ransom they demand, the user won’t be able to access their computers or data as the criminals have encrypted files on the hard drive or locked down the system.

A rootkit can access or control a computer remotely without being detected by users or security programs. Once deployed, unauthorized personnel can remotely execute files, steal data, modify system configurations, alter software, install concealed malware, or control the computer as part of a botnet.

2. Outdated Software Applications

Popular applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite are generally secure yet they are not exempt from security vulnerabilities. Because of this, they have developers who are constantly on the lookout for weak spots in their applications. This enables them to create patches or software updates to fix them. Once available, it is necessary to install those patches. This prevents hackers from submitting a command prompt that steals data or shuts down your system.

Installing patches also applies to operating systems or software to fix vulnerabilities. Switching to current versions and performing network vulnerability scans (or have them done by the best IT services in Saint Rose) can reduce your risk.

3. Weak Passwords

Using a poor or a default password on a web application or internal software program can leave yourself open to a data breach. Simple passwords like birthdays or names are easy for malware programs to crack or for hackers to steal. Ensure that you and your team are using stronger passwords.

4. Review Your Firewall Configuration

Your firewall observes incoming and outgoing network traffic and helps you establish access rules that prevent unauthorized sources from reaching your network. Always check your firewall configuration to determine who and what are allowed through your firewall. See to it that it does not contain configuration errors, like classification problems, typos, or allowing more access than is necessary.

5. Mobile Device Vulnerabilities

The devices you use in your office may be well protected by firewalls and strong passwords, but how about mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops that your employees use remotely? In addition, using Bluetooth or an unsecure Wi-Fi connection can expose passwords in your web browser, information in emails, and other classified information. To protect data on mobile devices, tell your employees to avoid using public Wi-Fi, as well as downloading apps that aren’t well-tested.

6. Lack of Data Backup

Aside from doing the best practices to stop an attack before it happens, it is also essential that your business have a backup and disaster recovery in place. In case your data is compromised, you can easily restore your data through off-site backups to prevent downtime and further disaster.

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