How to Keep Your IT Network Healthy

Your IT network plays a critical role in connecting you to your clients as well as your internal operations. Imagine the chaos and loss of productivity if your network suddenly goes haywire because of a virus. You need to keep your network healthy and do it with vigilance even if you are just a small business.

If you don’t have an in-house IT department, you can hire IT support companies for small business to maintain the network for you.

IT Support Companies For Small Business

Keeping your IT network secure requires a few things that your IT support should be able to provide. Aside from the service that they render, you should do your part, too.

Use a Network Monitoring Solution

Always keep an eye on your network health, what potential components are failing, and what needs to be checked to prevent downtime. Invest in this critical solution and let the IT support companies for small business do their magic with it. The monitoring solution should be easy to use, comes with excellent customer service, and is scalable for when you decide to expand later.

Create an Escalation Plan

With the monitoring solution in place, everyone on the team should know what to do if an alert from the network monitoring solution comes up. Getting the help of an IT support team makes executing this plan easier. Now, you have to sort what each employee should do in case of network problems. Everyone should undergo training as to who to contact at the first sign of a problem.

Give each employee a role and a definite person to contact in case of a network outage. Compile a contacts list of the IT support companies for small business that you’ve hired, including their phone numbers and emails. Conduct regular training every time something changes in the escalation plan. Knowing how to respond to a network crisis and do so quickly is a critical part of keeping it healthy.

Evaluate Workstations

No matter how small a business you are, you still need to use computers for your workstations. Make sure to use only units that will guarantee your network security and health. Schedule regular assessments of your hardware and software and ensure that you are using the latest versions.

Secure Both Network and Email Elements

Identifying security risks should not start and end with monitoring your network. Malicious files might also find their way in through the company email accounts and other messaging services. They might stage a phishing attempt or other methods to gain control of your accounts illegally. You will need updated firewalls to prevent this.

Install the Latest Antivirus Software

While you can count on the services of IT support companies for small business, make their work easier on them by adding another layer of protection for your network. Always install the latest versions of your antivirus programs to fend off the newest viruses, malware, or worms. Otherwise, you will be open to attacks that will compromise the security and confidentiality of your company data, which might include not only that of the business but that of your clients, suppliers, and third parties as well. In some cases, businesses shut down due to data breaches.

Keep an Eye on Your Network and Bandwidth Daily

You already have a network monitoring solution in place, but you still need human eyes to check in with it daily. Log in to your monitoring solution every day and monitor the bandwidth, latency, and CPU. If you’re away from the tool, it helps if you set alerts whenever something significant changes, such as soaring bandwidth.

A good way to prevent your network from getting overextended is to allocate where it can be used properly and for what specific applications. If you have multiple offices, this will notify you which office has been occupied sending or receiving huge files tor spending too much time watching YouTube videos.


If you hire the services of IT support companies for small business, they will help you keep your network up. Frequent loss of Internet connection will stop customers from reaching you and most business operations on pause. Use these tips to keep your network in tiptop shape. You need it to stay healthy if you don’t want to waste time on lost productivity and lost sales opportunities.

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