Best Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies assist in facilitating job placements in different industries and monitor the recruitment of applicants to guarantee an effective contract. Staffing officers gather information from hiring companies and puts up available positions in job boards and other databases.

Job seekers often answer questionnaires or meet a representative for an interview in order to determine their abilities, career goals, and any other relevant information. After this, they will be matched to appropriate listings at companies that are connected with the staffing agency. Should there be a job match, the agency will help in the exchanging of CVs and other documents. This will enable businesses to screen applicants and contact them if they decide to proceed to an interview or any next steps leading to employment.

Best Staffing Agencies

Most recruiting firms can remain in close touch with all job seekers and recruitment organizations, providing appropriate information or collecting input on work placements. Best staffing agencies can focus on either one or more specific industries. Administrators of staffing businesses may use staffing software to arrange, update, and maintain databases of available jobs, job applicants, and registered companies.

Here are some of the best staffing agencies across a number of industries in the U.S.

1. Ultimate Technical Solutions

The first on the list of the best staffing agencies is UTSI. Offering a vast network of qualified candidates in thw field of IT, this company helps businesses increase their chances of hiring employees who are aligned with their required skill sets as well as their company culture. These factors are crucial and can even result in improved employee retention. With decades of experience focusing on IT, Ultimate Technical Solutions Inc. connects leading organizations to a variety of candidates so they can further grow their business.

2. Kelly Services

Founded in 1946, Kelly Services continues to be an industry leader. It offers a wide range of staffing services globally and oversees the jobs of more than 1 million workers, whether directly or through suppliers’ affiliates. This best staffing agency has also bagged several awards which includes Intel Corporation’s Certified Supplier Quality Award and Johnson & Johnson’s Supplier Diversity Partnership Award. Kelly Services collaborates with a wide array of companies, organizations, and industries.

3. Keepers Staffing

Founded in 2001, Keepers Staffing offers the best experience for both job seekers and clients. The industries they cover include administration, human resources, banking, call center, healthcare, and property management areas. They’ve received a number of national awards in their industry, and backs all their placements with a 90-day guarantee.

4. Seek

Seek is a staffing agency located in Wisconsin. Starting its operations in 1971, its services include direct-hire, temp-to-hire, temp, job training, and HR consulting. They cover industries such as light industrial, corporate support, skilled, professional, and information technology.

5. Star Staffing

Star Staffing has provided recruitment throughout Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Solano, and surrounding counties. They also provide staffing in the areas of light industrial, heavy industrial, event staff/hospitality, office/clerical, accounting/finance, marketing/sales, administrative/executive, engineering, IT and HR.

6. Lasalle Network

Founded in 1998, Lasalle Network continues to be a privately held company. This best staffing agency specializes in accounting and finance, tech, office services, call center, HR, Marketing, supply chain, healthcare revenue cycle, as well as executive search. Lasalle Network works with small, medium, and large enterprises and offers flexible payment plans.

7. Remedy Intelligent Staffing

Remedy Intelligent Staffing is a well-known tech recruiting firm. It specializes in recruiting, workforce management, performance management, risk management, order and billing management, as well as screening and selection services. Remedy also does video interviewing to ease the hiring process.

8. Stafflink

Stafflink is a boutique IT staffing company that started in 2002. They are focused in providing staff for the IT sector through its mix of niche talent. They recruit web and mobile developers, software engineers, project managers, product managers, data scientists, cloud security specialists, and more.

9. Modis

Modis has started its operations in 1986. Currently, they provide staffing in more than 150 IT job categories, and have deployed IT staff in more than 2,000 companies and government organizations across the U.S.

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