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Switching from a traditional phone service to a VoIP system is no easy feat. Whether you have a big or small enterprise, changes can be daunting yet it can still be good. So if you are thinking of moving to the VoIP system, make sure that you take things slow. Every VoIP business service has a unique list of features and prices. As such, it is important that you ask these questions with your potential provider. See to it that you have the best information before making such a big decision.

Best VoIP Service Elmwood

Questions to Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

Question No. 1: “How much is the startup cost?”

What are the fees included in the package? Will it include setup, activation, equipment, and porting costs? Will the devices or equipment be leased or bought? How many lines do you need? How many people will use the phones?

Different providers have different price points. While some of the best VoIP services in Elmwood waive setup, activation, and phone number fees, not everyone does. Put into consideration as well if you want to buy a phone from the provider or you want to buy it elsewhere. The better you understand the expenses, the more confident you’ll be.

Question No. 2: “What are the termination costs?”

If you suddenly decide to cut ties with your provider, you need to think about the termination fee. Know beforehand the procedures for going back to your old system, or changing to a different VoIP provider before terminating your existing contract.

How much fees will you incur if you return the equipment? Does the VoIP provider offer a trial period with a money back guarantee? If you ported your number, or ordered a vanity number, will you be able to keep those numbers? Is it a long-term contract? Ask these questions before signing the contract to help you decide better.

Question No. 3: “What are the ongoing costs?”

Any type of service involves fees – even the least expensive calling plans. However, using the best VoIP service in Elmwood will allow you to see an increase in productivity and profitability despite some charge in your monthly bill. Before choosing your VoIP provider, you should get a good idea of your possible day to day expenses so you can budget accordingly.

Question No. 4: “Should I use my old phone or purchase a new one?”

You have the option to buy a new phone or just rent an ATA gateway so you can use your old phone. Select the best solution for you by researching the overall cost and its effect on your productivity. Also, put in mind that you do not need to replace all your phones at once.

Question No. 5: “Does the mobile application work with my phone?”

The two competing platforms for mobile phones are the iPhone from Apple, and the Android from Google. Weigh the features of the two to determine which VoIP provider suits you best. You can ask advice from the best VoIP service in Elmwood but ultimately, that decision rests with you.

Question No. 6: “Can I get fax with that?”

Older fax machines are not compatible with VoIP. Meanwhile, some fax machines may work with minimal adjustments. Are fax machines necessary to your business? Will your fax number be a dedicated line, or will you have to modify it? Ask the best VoIP service in Elmwood to help you choose your fax machine options. Also, know how much each option will cost you.

Question No. 7: “What other devices can I use?”

Does your office implement “Bring Your Own Device?” Check what devices your provider’s mobile app works on. Will they work over Wi-Fi? Since VoIP is a new and evolving service, you should be proactive with your approach regarding your phone services.

Question No. 8: “Do you offer tech support?”

Customers always look forward to signing up with services that offer tech support. Most of them even prefer 24/7 availability and they want little or no hold time. And yet, they don’t want to pay extra for it. Every company has a unique way of offering technical support. Some use calls to take care of your concerns while others do it via email. Decide what is important to you when it comes to tech support before you face large issues.

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