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What is a Conference Call?

Communication is a vital tool used by businesses to achieve success. According to studies, connected employees can increase productivity up to 25%. Luckily, there were a lot of improvements in this sector over the past few years. This makes it easier than ever to communicate remotely and connect with multiple team members.  Using a simple conference call via the best VoIP service in Jefferson is one way to connect with other people.

A conference call is a type of communication method that connects several participants at the same time. It allows a group of selected people to participate in a single phone call through equipment or software. The conference call bridges participants via a virtual meeting room, where they can communicate with other members in different locations.

Many business phone systems like VoIP services have powerful conferencing features.

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Why are conference calls becoming a trend?

Conference calls are gaining popularity these days because it provides a decent set of collaboration tools. This helps businesses of all sizes to minimize the time wasted on inefficient communication.

VoIP systems that offer web conferencing enables people to meet virtually, regardless of time or place. This translates to lesser time and money spent for face-to-face meetings. Web conferencing software lets you choose who you want to talk with along with the when, where, and how of business communication.

Almost all major business phone system companies now provide some kind of collaboration tools. It allows companies to hold interactive meetings anywhere in the world through a quick conference call. When part of the team is at the office, someone else is at the airport, while another member is at a café, the meeting can still transpire.

Numerous obstacles in communication, such as time and distance, can be resolved by a conference call. This platform is developed to provide a smooth connection among multiple people in the same virtual meeting room. Small businesses can also use certain additional tools to enhance pre-and post-meeting performance.

Here are the benefits of conference calls which is one of the features of VoIP systems.


Having the right setup and devices will allow you to hold conference calls and it can save a lot of time for everyone. You won’t need to allot time for organizing, scheduling, and hosting a meeting, as you can simply invite everyone to join the conference call at a specific time, regardless of their location. Majority of modern conferencing tools are also compatible with multiple different devices.

It is important to emphasize the efficiency of conference calls. The prospect of scheduling meetings rather than on the availability of members is a huge time saver. Also, it’s a good thing that virtual teams and investors can finally join the company discussion without any hassle.


If you want to cut down your business VoIP expenses, online team collaboration can help you do the job. Rather than putting money on management, venues, or travel costs, you can simply pay for a tool which can get everyone on board. It is an ideal solution for you and your remote members as you can hold regular meetings with little to no cost.

While you need to pay a certain fee to use conferencing software, it’s nothing compared to what real meetings costs. It’s also notable that online conferencing saves time, and you can reduce the hassle of event planning by switching to a conference call. Generally, it is a cost-efficient approach for team meetings and collaboration.


Many companies prioritize confidentiality, and there’s certainly a lot to learn from encrypted conference calls. Live sessions require a lot of preparation and coordination, and important information can sometimes slip out. With conference calls done through VoIP service, there is little or no chance of leakage of knowledge, so protection is always a top priority.

In addition, conference calls may require passwords, PINs, and visibility commands. A reliable conference service also delivers data encryption so even if a hacker gets access, the call information will still be hidden.

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There are a lot of reasons why conference calls via the best VoIP service in Jefferson are becoming common. We can expect companies to put even more resources into these systems in the years to come.

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