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Upgrade Your Communication Experience Using Mobile VoIP for Business

Similar to VoIP service used in the office, mobile VoIP also uses internet connection to enable communications with other people. With a reliable internet, a mobile VoIP phone user can stay productive by making traditional calls, chatting with colleagues, or attending video conferences.

Best VoIP service in Metairie offers this to businesses. It is a beneficial and inexpensive way to enhance a company’s communication. With this, you do not have to worry about phone bill charges like roaming fees since it could do international calls for a much lower cost. In fact, both Android and iOS now have native apps used for Wi-Fi calling which deliver superior call quality and collaboration options.

Best VoIP Service Metairie

Are you curious about the providers that offer the most robust mobile VoIP experience? Hang tight and read on this guide to find out if this type of VoIP service fits you.

Mobile VoIP: What Sets It Apart From Its Competitors

The main reason why many organizations want to grow their unified communications to mobile is due to accessibility. Having a mobile VoIP allows a team member to keep his phone number and just install an app that provides him with a business phone number. This is great for a salesperson as he can accept both private and professional phone calls on a single device.

It is also an ideal solution for people who work remotely sometimes. As soon as the user leaves the office, he or she can still be reached as if they were just at their desk. What’s more, sales and support staff can make cheap calls or free calls even when they are out of the office. The mobility presented by both Android and iOS platforms can convince customers to utilize mobile VoIP tech.

Apart from convenience and mobility, mobile VoIP offered by the best VoIP service in Metairie highlights cost-effectiveness. It cuts down the costs of calls when you have to contact another person across distant office locations. Unlike the traditional telephony options, international calls or long distance calls made by mobile VoIP are not expensive at all.

Finally, bringing your own device to work is becoming a trend at present. There used to be a time where business people needed to carry their personal cell phone and their work smartphone so that they could stay in the loop. Now, mobile VoIP combines private and work smartphones, allowing employees and small business owners to connect with iPhones, softphones, Android VoIP, or iPads without a difference.

Best Providers for Business Mobile VoIP

Skype for Business

Skype for Business works with either Android or iOS devices. It is packed with features such as audio and video calling, screen sharing, push notifications, contacts and contact groups, instant messaging, standard telephony, an English-only screen reader/voiceover, and optional external keyboard. Mobile users can see statuses of fellow Skype for Business users to identify their availability. This app automatically signs out the user after 10 days of inactivity.


Aircall provides phone numbers that can be used on any device. It can record calls so if you are a manager looking to improve your team’s performance, this can be used for coaching purposes. Another useful feature of this mobile app is its shared call inbox. This allows all team members to view a list of calls that require follow-up. It automatically updates so once a reach-out has been completed, everyone will be notified.


RingCentral is another popular VoIP solution. It specializes in cloud PBX-based VoIP, making it a very stable platform with great audio and video quality. It enables users to easily access voicemails, receive internet-based faxes, and call recording. It’s also easy to get access to call logs with the platform. RingCentral has a HUD (heads up display) style of interface with top function buttons for call, text, transfer, and add caller.


Vonage offers basic features like unlimited calling and SMS messaging. It can also link up to five devices at a time, and it is possible that all devices can ring at once when there is an inbound call. This mobile VoIP app has easy call recording, and visual voicemail, which allows mobile users to quickly read voicemails that have been left on the system.

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