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While a lot of people are now using digital or social media to communicate, it cannot be denied that email retains its importance in modern business communication. Every day, hundreds upon hundreds of emails are delivered from companies to customers, from employees to their superiors, and from one coworker to another. Indeed, emails are vital in performing crucial business functions.

There are many email hosting solutions available in the market today such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail which you can use for free. However, the free accounts they provide doesn’t give you the privilege of using a custom email address on your domain. If you want to have a professional email ID, you need to get a business email.

What is Business Email?

This is a type of email commonly used by companies. A business email address looks professional as it contains your business name on it ( Having this will not only establish your authority; it will also promote your company since the business name can be seen every time your employee communicates.

Business Email

Benefits of Business Email Hosting

A business email can make an important statement about your establishment. It can increase your brand value and credibility, helping you gain customers’ trust. There are several reasons for the preponderance of business email over other methods of communication. Here are some of the benefits it provides.

1. Communication made more professional

One of the benefits of business email hosting is it makes your business communication more professional, whether internally with your employees or externally with your clients and stakeholders. Sending a business proposal to your prospective customer using a free email account may leave a not-so good lasting impression. Meanwhile, a similar proposal sent from a business email address speaks volumes about your professionalism.

2. Gain people’s trust

Having a business email account can boost potential customers’ trust. A business email always includes your domain name, which is usually associated to your company. This way, customers who would like to know more about your services or past projects can easily check your website. This can help your company gain traction, further contributing to the success of your business.

On the other hand, emails sent through a free email account doesn’t give customers the option to check your company details, decreasing the trust factor substantially. Apart from this, if the email doesn’t have your company’s name on it, there is a chance that your email will be automatically placed in the spam folder.

3. Storage Space

Free email accounts only provide little storage space for users. If you opt to use business email hosting, you will have the ability to customize your storage space depending on your specific requirements.

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4. Affordability

Another benefit of business email is its value for money. Email providers have access to software licenses and subscription fees on a wholesale price because they manage more email accounts than an average company does. Because of this, they can pass the fee to their customers on a much lower price. This is better than managing your email service in-house.

5. White-Label Email Hosting

A white-label email hosting allows you to use your own logo on your email account. This helps you promote your brand name on the email account. Many companies prefer using a white-label email solution as they don’t want to reveal the identity of their parent service provider. Put simply, white-label email solutions enable you to keep private the identity of your service provider while helping your brand flourish.

6. Security

A business email hosting service also comes with additional layer of defense to protect you from a wide range of cyber-attacks such as hacking, phishing, email spoofing, and business email compromise fraud. A business email that is set up and maintained by an IT professional has security measures that ensure the safety of all your data.

7. Better Features

Lastly, business email accounts give you more features and benefits that may not be available with a free email service. For example, professional emails can give you specialized features like mail monitoring or mail grouping, shared contacts, calendar, as well as backup and recovery of deleted trash mail. What’s more, you can also customize business email service as per your requirements when you use paid email server hosting service.

Business Email Service in Louisiana

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