Cloud Based Server For Small Business

Cloud computing enables users to access servers, storage, databases, and various application services over the Internet on a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme. A cloud services provider manages and maintains the network-connected hardware necessary for these applications to function, while you use what you need via a web application.

The cloud helps you advance your IT infrastructure as your business grows. Using cloud based server for small business provides a number of benefits that directly impact productivity and security. Whatever industry you are in, whether retail, food & beverage, real estate, or financial services, you should try integrating cloud computing to your business.

Cloud-based server for small business

Here are some of the benefits of cloud based server for small businesses:


Cloud users can access, edit, save, and share their files anytime, anywhere, using any device. This way, files are not kept in just one computer.

Easy Collaboration:

The cloud allows everyone to work on the same document at the same time. The administrators can also modify access and permission controls.

Reduction of Costs:

Because cloud based servers enable mass-scale computing power, it reduces IT requirements and physical storage. This provides significant savings for your small business.


The cloud has security defenses, which help decrease the potential risks brought about by hackers, viruses, and other cyber-security issues.

Enhances Efficiency:

Companies using cloud based servers don’t have to worry about power requirements, space considerations, and software updates as these are delivered by the service provider.

Now that we’re familiar with the benefits of using cloud, it’s time to check out the different cloud
based server applications for small businesses:

No. 1: Backblaze

Data protection is an important aspect to consider when choosing a backup service. Backblaze protects all the data within the system by compressing and encrypting them with AES military grade encryption. After which, the data is transported to Backblaze’s cloud server using a very secure SSL connection. You are allowed to implement and use your own private encryption key.

Backblaze is a low-cost online back up service. End-users only have to pay $5 per computer every month. You can backup any local drive as well as the drives connected via a USB connection.

No. 2: Airtable

Airtable is a cloud-based project management tool for small to midsize businesses as well as departments within larger organizations. It allows you to store information, structure it, share it among other people, and work on it in a variety of forms. This cloud software has a wide range of templates that you can use to structure your data – may it be an inventory, a Kanban chart, a calendar, a catalog, or whatever fits your project.

Airtable is compatible with multiple devices such as computers and mobile devices. It allows users to add and remove data, attach files, and share tables. Its free version enables you to manage up to 1,200 elements and store up to 2GB of data. To get more features, you can upgrade to $10 per month.

No. 3: Zoho One

Zoho One is a comprehensive suite of business applications that can be compared with G Suite or Office Online. It features a CRM application, a help desk application, a complete accounting application, a survey system, a conferencing and chat system, an e-commerce system, an HR management system and more. Each of its application is fully-powered, so it’s a cost-effective solution for startup businesses. Zoho One offers a 30-day free trial. After that, you will be charged $30 per month if you choose to pay annually or $35 per month if you pay on a monthly basis.

No. 4: FileCloud

FileCloud provide storage and backup solutions with the latest security and encryption features. It allows users to store, share, and sync data on the cloud servers located at a remote location. This cloud solution also enables users to access, backup, and restore data files across all devices (whether desktops or smartphones) and all platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Finally, FileCloud lets you collaborate with your business partners and clients by giving them access to some of your folders. The standard subscription for FileCloud is $10 per month and $15 per month for enterprises.

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