Free Email Security Software

Electronic mail or email is used as an effective medium of communication. It is a trusted means for both personal and corporate communication as it offers mobility, reliability, and affordability. However, because of its ease of access, email can be susceptible to malicious cyber-attacks. Because of this, it is very important that the email data stays confidential; otherwise, it can cause serious damage to the company or the individual.

One simple exposure of data could pose a lot of risks for the user or organization. Clicking a malicious link may reveal top secret company information, expose private financial statements, and make known sensitive agreements. Because of such reasons, the importance of email security cannot be overemphasized. Free email security software should be deployed as soon as possible.

Free Email Security Software

To explain further, here are some of the reasons why using free email security software is critical in protecting your clients’ information, your business data, and much more.

To drive away hackers Hackers often use email as a point of entry to your system. By using free email security software, you can prevent online attackers from stealing private identities and information.

Filter emails Email filters have the ability to evaluate specific patterns and contents of emails to check if the message sent was spam or malware. Free email security software will know what’s authentic even when malicious mail stream gets mixed with legitimate emails.

Email is used by various sectors of society Email has become an important communication tool for people of different trades and professions. Unfortunately, spams and malwares in emails can infect the computers they use. With organizations having such a high dependency on email as a communication platform, installing free email security software is advised to keep your organization secure from aggressive attacks.

Top Free Email Security Software

Email security should be the main priority of companies to ensure the protection of their computer networks. To guard your private data from hackers or malicious hackers, here are some email security software that you can consider.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Usually used by mid-size and enterprise organizations, this email security software provides advanced protection against threats and allows you to adjust the service to match your specific requirements. Mimecast offers features such as impersonation protection to prevent phishing attacks, as well as attachment and URL protection, which work in real time to halt threats from infecting your network. Some vendors offer free trial of this software.

SolarWinds Mail Assure

Mail Assure puts into place sophisticated threat detection methods to block malware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats. Its constantly updated Intelligent Protection and Filtering Engine evaluate every incoming, outgoing, and internal email. Once a risk is identified in a certain mailbox, it will automatically update the detection algorithms for all other users in near real-time. This results in a superior level of protection, regardless of the email service they use. The pricing structure for Mail Assure is flexible depending on the features you avail. If you want to try out this platform, a free trial of the systems can be arranged.

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Spam Titan

Spam Titan is a free email security software that can determine spam and other threats through multi-layered analysis including real-time blacklists, SURBLs, sender policy frameworks, and Bayesian analysis. It goes through your organization’s email traffic to identify malicious content and stop it from reaching users. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you would never lose legitimate emails while remaining protected.

The cloud-based software offers a real-time blacklist, virus and malware detection, as well as outbound mail scanning. It is easy and quick to install and it offers free support from live technicians. The fee starts at $17/month for 10 users and a free trial is available.


Zerospam offers comprehensive protection against all forms of harmful and undesirable email messages. It can determine and remove ransomware and all other types of malware, spear phishing, phishing, spam, DOS attacks, messages with unsafe links and harmful attachments, and rogue newsletters. Zerospam offers a free trial for 30 days.


Implementing the right security strategies can save you from disastrous cyber-attacks. Using free email security software can help you identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. If you are looking for a reliable email security solutions, Ultimate Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you. Our email security services can keep your data safe from unauthorized users, boosting your credibility. Contact us today!