What is Computer Network Installation and Maintenance?

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are starting to notice the importance of computer network installation and maintenance. It plays a huge role in the daily operations of businesses, enabling IT systems to function properly.

Computer network installation is the process of designing and deploying all network components such as cables, routers, switches, servers and workstations, as well as LAN and WAN components. On the other hand, maintenance involves routine checkups, servicing, and repairing or replacing necessary devices. It is done to optimize the performance and life of your network while keeping your system available for access when you need to get your data.

Computer Network Installation and Maintenance

The Importance of Computer Network Installation and Maintenance

Your IT system is comprised of various complex machines, software, parts, and wires that communicate simultaneously, performing different tasks. It is constantly working day in and day out to process applications and to prevent unwanted viruses from harming your computer.

To ensure that you have a solid computer network, hiring a specialized IT company is necessary. You will likely avoid technical issues if someone professional will perform computer network installation and configuration for you.

At the same time, maintaining your computer network is also a necessity. As there are elements that can go wrong on a daily basis, computer network maintenance is imperative. Having regular maintenance can keep the big issues away, while ensuring your network’s optimal performance.

Installing and maintaining your computer network is a daunting task even for small businesses. Having a dedicated IT company can help you go about these activities. They can help you troubleshoot any problems as they arise, while also working to prevent any disasters from happening.

Outsourcing your IT needs to a certified computer technician will give your company access to an entire team of experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house IT team. Having a dedicated team of IT experts monitoring and maintaining your computer network will give you peace of mind, knowing that your systems are always kept safe.

The duties of computer and network maintenance technician revolve around supporting the organization’s computing and telecommunication network operations and procedures. The technician works with a team to support IT systems, including installation of cabling and equipment, maintenance of the system, and customer service activities.

To delve deeper, we will discuss below the essential functions of Computer Network Installation and Maintenance Technicians.

Essential Functions of Computer Network Installation and Maintenance Technicians Suggested

1. They assemble, install, and configure computer equipment or units of local area networks.
2. They check, maintain, troubleshoot and repair IT systems. They also perform testing activities on various computer equipment, peripherals, data communication, and computer network systems.
3. They consult with and assist the manufacturer’s representatives in case there is a new equipment that needs to be installed.
4. They assume responsibility for routine installation or modification projects and help other technicians in repairing, installing, and testing complex pieces of equipment or local area networks. They also submit equipment repair warranties.
5. They complete work orders including installing equipment, connecting, and moving devices or creating components of autonomous networks. They install disk drives and they correct definitions on data switches, protocol converters, etc.
6. They utilize electronic test equipment to fix equipment malfunctions. They also use computer-aided diagnostics and digital logic devices when necessary to locate issues.
7. They develop and maintain software and hardware inventory and tracking systems.
8. They install cabling for the phone system. They move, add, delete, and perform other changes for phone uses. They also set up calling features such as automatic call distribution (ACD) groups, pick groups, call processing, and voicemail. Oftentimes, they also provide phone support and training to new users and solve miscellaneous phone problems.
9. They ensure that server backups and networked user backups are done regularly.
10. They perform preventive maintenance for computer, data communication, and/or peripheral equipment.

Computer Network Installation and Maintenance Technicians possess the following traits:

1. Proficiency in Communication
2. Exemplary Customer Service Skills
3. Organized
4. Analytical Skills
5. Team player
6. Technical Capacity
7. Time Management

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