Data Backup and Recovery Services

Companies process and store vital information every day. Unfortunately, disasters can affect computer networks at any time, and this could compromise data. Medium and small businesses that are not aware of this danger might experience some negative effects if they do not have the right data backup and recovery services.

Losing data can be immensely stressful and frustrating as you need to recover and recreate the original data you have. Having a reliable data backup is vital, especially in times like this. Backup refers to the process of storing data in another separate medium besides its primary storage. This will help you recover files should the primary hardware fails or gets stolen.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

System administrators should always backup any valuable information and have a plan for recovering all types of data. With hostile events that can happen to a computer or server such as cyber-attacks, cyber theft, physical theft, hardware, and software failure, installing data backup and recovery solutions can minimize the negative impact of these all-too-often occurrences.

Data Backup and Recovery Service No. 1: VMWare vCenter Server

VMWare vCenter Server is one of the best data backup and recovery solutions in the market now. It features large-scale file management tools, native backup schedulers, data backup, data restoration, and some web client plug-ins. This product gives you the ability to centralize and manage various virtual infrastructures. It can be easily deployed to your servers, allowing you to operate your virtual infrastructure from any remote location.

In addition, VMWare vCenter Server also comes with flexible features that can enhance the efficiency of its end users. Firstly, it enables you to manage your team and business operations in a single-location platform. Its application provides a complete overview and actionable insights that you can use to make smart decisions.

VMWare vCenter Server is used by businesses of all sizes and is available in 20 global languages. However, it can be a little expensive for small firms as they only offer one-time licensing fees.

Data Backup and Recovery Service No. 2: EMC NetWorker

EMC NetWorker is designed to provide a swift and reliable data backup and recovery. This software keeps all data in a centralized location and provides automation and faster backup and recovery across all your IT devices. With its multiple elements and features, it is able to protect data stored on the cloud and on-premises systems.

NetWorker provides a management page where users can perform all data backup and recovery tasks that includes snapshot and replication management, ProtectPoint backup, LTR to cloud, backup-in-Cloud and backup-to-disk. In addition, it can also be used for mass recovery, server duplication, unified file management, hardware monitoring, networking, and mobile computing.

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Data Backup and Recovery Service No. 3: Acronis Backup and Recovery

Acronis Backup and Recovery is a strong and agile backup and data recovery solution that allows users to store and recover files, folders, partitions, and drives. This easy-to-use software can retrieve and restore individual files as well as images of whole drives, and it can back them up in any location.

Acronis can deliver the best protection and disaster recovery especially during emergencies such as network security breaches, malware attacks, drive corruptions, mechanical failures, and others. One of the best features of this app is it can perform incremental, full, and differential backup. It also has advanced tools like bare-metal recovery, cloud and local web console, encrypted storage, Acronis cloud storage, and Acronis universal restore.

Data Backup and Recovery Service No. 4: FileCloud

FileCloud is a file sharing and sync system that can be integrated with your IT infrastructure and storage. It offers robust features such as endpoint backup, advanced sharing, granular permissions, built-in business intelligence, full text search, and file versioning tools. FileCloud allows you to sync your files from different servers and backs them up automatically.

Aside from being GDPR compliant, another remarkable thing about FileCloud is that it gives you complete administrative control over your servers. This enables you to monitor your files and limit the people who can access them. It also covers multi-tenancy, workflow automation, and workflow customization – a great choice for those who need large-scale deployments.

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