How Email Filtering Service Helps your Security

Spam can cause a lot of headaches for an organization. They contain either non-sense or worse, malicious information that are designed to harm your system or your company. The trick here is to make use of an email filtering service. This helps in easily remove spam and any other unwanted emails from your network including your email gateway.

Spam emails are a problem for network administrators because the more they grown, the more bandwidth they consume as well. It slows down the performance of the system as it clogs the network. And as mentioned, they can contain security risks as well which can lead to significant financial losses and disruption of the business.

Email Filtering Service

At, we created an email filtering service that aims to protect our client’s network from known risks and even advanced threats. It provides security controls to all flowing emails in and out of the organization’s network. This minimizes disruption from spam and increases overall protection.

Any organization can benefit from using an email filtering service. It is an investment for security and efficiency of the networks and the organization as a whole.

Our Email Filtering Service

We designed our email filtering service to employ multi-layered detection systems in order to protect our clients not just from spam, but from malware and other advanced threats as well. With this service, you will be able to:

  • Remove up to 99% of all spam coming into the organization.
  • Protect the network infrastructure from potential DDoS attacks
  • Secure the organization from malware using proper detection and identifying security controls
  • Be able to manage graymail which includes newsletters and other mailing lists so that you can declutter inboxes easily
  • Reduce helpdesk calls as our email filtering service provides self-service solutions designed for end-users to have control over blocking and permitting senders

Our professional email filtering service at makes use of different mechanisms in order to inspect inbound emails. We also have a system which can temporarily reject emails from a particular sender that the system does not recognize until an authorized member of the organization provides assurance that this is a safe sender.

A common concern about this service is what about spam coming from previously unknown sources (those that are not part of the global blacklist yet). Our system can still pick this up since bulk email tools used by spammers do not queue up to reattempt mail delivery which normal email servers do. This would then flag the email and identify this new source of spam before adding it to the global blacklist.

Email Filtering Service Anti-Virus

Almost all organizations would have some sort of anti-virus and/or anti-malware installed in their networks. However, while these are effective, they are retroactive, meaning they remove threats once they enter the network. Our email filtering service provides you an extra layer of protection wherein it attempts to scan and detect malicious programs from links and attachments in an email before it is opened. This prevents the virus or malware from being installed in the first place.

Our anti-virus in our email filtering service also targets phishing emails by scanning and identifying malicious URLs in an email.

Another thing our system does is to actually scan outbound mail as well. If for some reason your system or device got infected, we will try to stop it from spreading throughout the organization by preventing infected emails from sending out of your device.

Advanced Controls for Email Filtering Service

Our email filtering service comes with advanced controls for administrators. This allows them to:

  • Manage challenges such as flexible inbound routing as well as traffic-splitting without the need to create additional infrastructure which can be costly.
  • Create and apply several policies at a hierarchical level of the mailbox. It can also be implemented by groups, organizational level, and through other filters to provide both broad and fine-tuned controls.
  • The advanced controls of our email filtering service allow the administrator to manage domain changes and email addresses, all from a single console.
  • The ability to route email through membership attributes.
  • Provides a tool to rewrite both inbound and outbound email addresses for multiple domain environments.

Having an email filtering service can greatly benefit your organization in different levels. The key to security is quick and efficient identification of threats. With this service, you can stop an attack right at the door; before they even attempt to break into your company.

If you have any questions or clarifications about our email filtering service, you can contact us anytime. Our email is and our phone number is (504) 215-8256

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