Email Hosting and Its Benefits

Email messaging has become the standard way of communicating for businesses. Sending formal correspondence without a proper email server may lead to a number of problems. Fortunately, using email hosting can prevent this from happening. Knowing more about it and its benefits can help businesses see its importance to their organization.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service that manages email servers rented out to clients. The server manages the data needed to receive and send emails.

Email Hosting

Businesses prefer email hosting to set up email addresses using a domain name. Clients need to have a registered domain name first to connect it to the rented email servers. This allows them to give each email user a unique username ( Everything that comes in and out of this email will go through the server. Usually, the email server usually hosts only a few users. Its resources get divided only among these specific number of accounts.

What benefits come with email hosting?

An email hosting service gives the business’ email users something other than a unique username. It also provides the following benefits that make getting email hosting an important investment for any organization:

1. Secure access

The server encrypts all the information that its email users send and receive. This prevents data breach, something that has victimized several organizations in the past few years. Some email hosting services even come with 128-bit encryption to further improve their email security.

Cyber crimes such as identity theft and online banking fraud usually stems from a less than secure data transmission. Lots of sensitive information get sent via email, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and even financial information. If an unauthorized party gets access to this information, the things they could do with it are limitless. Fortunately, email server hosts can offer security measures that free email versions can’t.

2. Credibility

Customers tend to take businesses with a custom email account. Having sounds and looks so much better than It helps potential customers see just how credible and professional the business is.

3. Brand recognition

Businesses can use the registered domain name relevant to their products in their email account. Every time their employees give their email address to the customers and prospects, the business name also gets mentioned. This can help boost the business’ brand recognition. It also gives the feeling that the business is a well-established one.

4. Cost-effective service

Email hosting is more cost-effective than buying the email infrastructure and paying for IT staff to manage it. The responsibility of handling the email server falls on the hosts’ shoulders. This allows the business to focus on important tasks instead of doing email server maintenance.

5. Storage space

Despite the several accounts that a dedicated server hosts, account holders can pay for how much megabyte or gigabyte they need. It does help to get a flexible solution that makes room for potential upgrades later. This beats having to choose between deleting important emails, transferring data elsewhere, or getting another email hosting solution.

6. Virus and spam filtering

A good email host has great anti-virus scanners and email filtering methods to block questionable and potentially harmful emails. They allow their users to configure the filtering options themselves and send blacklisted emails to a separate folder.

7. Shared address book

This is yet another feature that makes paying for an email hosting service worth it. It allows clients access to a private and shared address book, as well as public network directory services.

8. Easy access outside the office

Despite using a hosted email service, businesses and its employees can still access their emails anytime, anywhere. This makes working outside the office possible as long as users provide the proper credentials. Doing so ensures the security of their email exchanges even from their home office or wherever they are working in.

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Aside from the benefits cited above, email hosting also comes with 24/7 assistance and uptime guarantee. Instead of wasting resources managing an in-house email server, hiring professionals to do the job might be a better and more secure option. Not only can this help you establish brand identity; it may also give you a higher level of integrity.

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