A Good Email Provider is Important for any Business

Almost everyone started with a free email provider for their personal use. There are a lot of them out there such as Gmail.com, Mail.com, Outlook.com, AOL.com, and Yahoo.com to name a few. But when it comes to business, it is hard for you to be taken seriously if you still use these free providers as opposed to your own domain.

Putting together your first business email complete with your own domain can be pretty satisfying. While these free providers work well, it is completely different to have your own and other businesses and professionals would see you in a different light. While most domain services provide their own email platform, they may not be enough for your needs. This is where a comprehensive and professional email provider comes into play.

What is an Email Provider?

Basically, an email provider is an online tool that allows you to access and manage your emails. If you own your domain and have a custom email, you will need a provider in order to do this. There are simple and free providers out there but are they really best for your business?

At UTSI.us, we offer an email provider service that is tailor-made to what you need. We can integrate a lot of features or we can strip it down to just what you need. Whatever your preference may be, we can help do it for you with our comprehensive email solution.

Why use a Paid Email Provider?

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There are a lot of advantages, from a business standpoint, on why you should use our paid email hosting service rather than a free email provider.

Custom Branding

For one, you are able to create custom branding. Your domain would be your own email address which in itself is impressive for other people. Plus, this branding places more trust on your company. If you aren’t afraid to hide behind free accounts, then people would trust you more. It conveys professionalism and that you are ready to do business.

On top of that, you can also customize everything when you have your own email provider. From email signatures to your name, all of these can be changed by you to fit your organization’s branding.

Added Security

While free emails are relatively secure, they do not have the same level of security as our hosting solution does. We provide HTTPS connections, firewalls, SSL encryption, and spam filtering just to name a few in order to add layers of security to your organization.

We understand that data protection is very important to any business; which is why we provide the best that we can in terms of security for our email provider service.

Never Worry about Space

One of the biggest caveats of free to use email services is the fact that you only have a limited amount of space. Given that it is a lot of space, there is still a limit. This is good for personal use wherein you send simple messages. But for business use where you need to send large amounts of files back and forth, then space is going to be an issue.

We offer scalable resources with our email provider service. This means that you pay for what you need, and if you need more, we can easily provide it to you. Never again would you have to hurriedly clean your inbox just to receive a new incoming email.

Access from Anywhere

One of the great advantages of our service is that you can get to access your emails from everywhere. We provide solutions and resources so that you can check and send messages from all your devices such as your laptop, mobile phone, and tablet to provide you with access virtually anywhere.

More than Messaging

With our integrated software solutions, we can give you more than an email provider. Calendar functions, task management, and contact lists are just some of the features which we can integrate into the service to boost your organization’s overall productivity. It is a single, streamlined solution to help your people communicate and collaborate together.

Ready for your own Email Provider?

Do these benefits above seem like something you want or need for your organization? Are you ready to have your own email provider service? Then now is the time to contact us. At UTSI.us, we are more than happy to consult with you on your requirements and we will provide you with the best solution possible. All you have to do is send us an email at info@utsi.us or call us at (504) 215-8256 so we can start helping you.

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