Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity

Digitalization has enabled many aspects of our society to function more smoothly than ever. However, being in a technologically-advanced era also increases our level of vulnerability.

Fueled by the widespread use of technology, there has been an exponential rise of cybercrimes in the past years. Threats from unauthorized access and internal missteps lead to increased risks that hackers take advantage of.

One of the industries affected by cybercrimes is the healthcare sector. Due to its insufficient defense, it is always targeted and exploited by hackers. The threat of cyber-attacks makes technology less dependable than expected. This shouldn’t be the case as healthcare professionals need technology to retrieve, send, and share healthcare information.

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity

With this concern, every healthcare organization must invest in solutions that will keep data secure without compromising access to technology. Healthcare industry cybersecurity must be upheld to safeguard patients’ digital data.

Here are several reasons why organizations should prioritize deploying cybersecurity measures in their network.

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Importance No. 1: To Provide Efficient Cure

Decades ago, doctors find it hard to provide more time for their patients as they have complicated and time-consuming paperwork to handle. During that time, the physicians had to limit their time for each of their patients.

Now, as the world population grows rapidly, healthcare data management has become more difficult. To resolve this, many healthcare units have migrated their database to the cloud. Having a high level of healthcare industry cybersecurity is important in this instance to secure the organization’s network and to allow healthcare professionals to work more efficiently.

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Importance No. 2: Law compliance

As a response to the proliferation of sophisticated threats, governments around the world have issued guidelines and standards regarding cybersecurity processes across the healthcare industry to minimize the impact of an attack. To adhere to these regulations, organizations should install technical infrastructure required to secure data, and make reports on their compliance status.

By having proper cybersecurity measures in place, you can ensure that medical providers will be able to comply with various healthcare industry regulations such as the HIPAA and GDPR. Otherwise, it can be difficult to deal with the aspects of compliance if a certain healthcare provider lacks knowledge about cybersecurity.

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Importance No. 3: It’s Important to Patients

Hackers can use compromised data for fraud and other financial gains. Spanning hospital records, medical or insurance information, as well as data from medical wearables, can be sold or used to support fake insurance claims, or fraudulent purchase of prescription drugs. Cybersecurity is important to the healthcare industry as it keeps the patient information confidential.

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Importance No. 4: Leaked Patient Information May Have Financial Impact on the Organization

Healthcare industry cybersecurity is important because it helps prevent patient information from leaking. If personal information gets accidentally leaked, and you have failed to deploy appropriate security measures, you may face fines and regulatory sanctions. You may incur a huge cost of law proceedings and lose customers along the way. This could mark the end of your health care entity. As such, it is vital to have a cybersecurity for healthcare data.

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Importance No. 5: Damage Your Brand

A lack of focus on cybersecurity can heavily affect your business. Aside from the economic implications of cybersecurity breaches, it can also cause reputational damage to your company. All the data kept by your organization, including customer insights and employee information, can easily be put at risk if you fail to take a number of precautionary measures.

With a lack of confidence in your business’ security, customers will be more inclined to venture elsewhere, resulting in a loss of sales and profits.

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Importance | Conclusion

With the crucial advancement in technology and the growth of global population, healthcare data has become more difficult to secure. With highly skilled hackers targeting the poorly defended healthcare industry, organizations need to partner with IT firms that have expertise in cybersecurity. Healthcare industry cybersecurity provides a big help in securing the network and database of organizations without slowing down the process of providing efficient care.

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