What is a Helpdesk?

The main goal of a helpdesk is to address and resolve technical issues and customer concerns quickly. They help prevent downtimes from happening, allowing employees to work more efficiently. By having a help desk support, issues can be prioritized by category, streamlining workflow and reducing or eliminating manual processes.

When necessary, a helpdesk systemizes issue resolution workflow. Therefore, instead of tracking down a tech specialist to get assistance, employees can just create a ticket and submit it to the helpdesk team through email or a customizable web-based form. The helpdesk support will then receive, log, and assign issues to the appropriate person automatically, providing convenience for all parties involved. This way, technical problems are assigned to relevant staff that is more adept in handling specific issues than others.

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How a Helpdesk Can Help Your Organization

Helpdesk Benefit No. 1: Customer Satisfaction

Many clients prefer companies that have a single support platform as this enables them to easily ask for assistance whenever technical issue arises. Some companies try to offer their own IT support to customers. However, since some of them have limited in-house IT personnel, responses are often slower and their staff doesn’t always have the expertise needed. This can upset customers. Unsatisfied customers may talk badly about your company and an unresolved issue may reflect negatively on your business.

Helpdesk Benefit No. 2: Enhanced Productivity

Hiring IT helpdesk is beneficial as it can handle all your company’s technical problems. This allows your in-house employees to focus on more profitable endeavors. Having an increased level of productivity helps your company gain more revenue, offsetting the cost of the IT help desk. Your employees also benefit from it since they’re doing what they’ve been hired to do instead of managing technical support issues.

While it is possible to hire full-time employees for technical support purposes, doing this will only cost you more. Apart from this, it is also difficult to find the right type of IT professional for your organization.

Helpdesk Benefit No. 3: Off-Hours Support

Usually, businesses operate from 9 to 5, which means clients have no IT support after office hours. By outsourcing help desk support, you can provide customers with assistance after closing time. Some help desks are even available 24 hours to troubleshoot technical problems at any given time. Having a responsive support team can prevent you from having frustrated customers.

Helpdesk Benefit No. 4: Systematic Fixes

Helpdesk create a system for addressing technical problems so you don’t need to try different solutions at random, which is inefficient and time-consuming. IT help desks have a systematic issue resolution, saving your staff time and effort. Those who are managing help desks have the expertise and knowledge to determine which solutions to try first and which ones to try next if initial solutions fail.

Helpdesk Benefit No. 5: Immediate Incident Response

Staff who handle IT issues often go through a lot of trial and error and unnecessary struggles to fix the problem themselves. This takes away their time that can be allotted to more important tasks. IT helpdesk professionals can help employees avoid a lot of unnecessary actions and get straight to the cause of the problem. IT experts can access a company’s network remotely and resolve problems themselves so employees don’t have to stress about the equipment they are using.

Helpdesk Benefit No. 6: Industry Expertise

IT helpdesk serves different industries. Their industry knowledge helps them familiarize specific issues that are often encountered by companies. Businesses prefer outsourcing IT help desks that have knowledge of their industry as this can help fix problems faster. When customers are happy and employees are not wasting time on technical issues, the company profits.

Help Desk Benefit No. 7: Tickets Increase Efficiency

IT help desks arrange service tickets to know which problems to prioritize. This way, employees can see where their ticket fits in the order and know when they can expect to receive support. Tickets are also arranged based on the severity of the issue, and each ticket includes a title and problem description. IT workers are assigned tickets depending on their expertise, and this gives customers and employees confidence and peace of mind.

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