How to Choose Business Email

How many times have you been asked if you have a business email?

Having an email address like this will probably raise a lot of leads in business and won’t do you any favours when trying to land new clients or build a successful company.

In this guide, we will show you how to come up with the most tactical business email.

The Basics of Business Email Addresses

Creating a business email address focuses on the development of your business with setting up a website. If you are not familiar with the process, you will need to create a stable hosting account with a hosting provider.

Hosting providers nowadays include email accounts as part of an all-in-one hosting package. Even at this level, the host understands that as an organization which engages in trade, you will need a professional email address that is completely branded.

How to Choose Business Email

What to Remember When Setting Up Business Email

1. Always Use Your Website Domain

Regardless if you’re sentimental, the old Yahoo email address is not going to work. However, you may use something like This business email can work for customer service inquiries, including anything else that is related to your company. People will immediately identify that it is your business because of the email address, and they will also know your website domain where they can find more products.

Custom domains are a mark of professionalism. It shows that you have a real online business which people can trust and stay connected with if they want to share products. This is why it is essential to use a custom domain for your business email address as well.

Additionally, your email address looks more professional with a business domain. Customers are more likely to engage with your domain and go to the link to find out more information, or they can share the domain with others on social media.

2. Do Not Use ISP Email Addresses

You may be thinking that an or is sounds like a professional business domain, but what happens if you no longer use that internet service provider in the future? You should avoid using any ISP email and practice using your own custom domain as soon as possible.

This can be confusing for customers and clients to engage with: Do you work for Verizon or do you have your own business? What is your business? These queries can be solved by using your own custom domain.

3. Set Your Name and Profile Picture

If you are using a common email client with your business email such as Gmail, then you can customize certain settings within your email address to ensure that people can immediately identify who you are — and this includes setting up your full name and profile picture.

This feature adds credibility to your name so that when customers or clients email your address, they are able to see your real name and know that they are reaching out to a professional.

4. Secure Your Email Addresses

Business emails should practice using secure passwords and spam filters more than typical addresses. Unscrupulous hacking, phishing, and spam activities — these can destroy your business email and even lead to more dangerous data breaches within your organization.

Good thing hosting providers can provide spam assistance. For example, you can use spam filters to ensure that your business email accounts are protected. This spam filter will protect your from malicious spam activities. Also, you may set up additional filters to catch other activities particular to your business and industry.

The Perks of Paid Business Email Service

Having a branded or personalized email address isn’t the only benefit of a paid email service. Paid business email services offer plenty of other features such as heightened security and expanded cloud storage for email and other files.

If you opt to use free email services, you will only get limited storage space, prompting you to remove messages once your inbox gets full.

This can be difficult if you run a small business that relies heavily on email as your inbox can fill up quickly. By having a paid email service, you can gain access to a much bigger inbox. Some services limit attachments at 10GB while others let you send huge files up to 300GB or more, as long as the file is already uploaded to the cloud.

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