Education IT Services

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Your Challenges… Our Solutions

Between educating students and communicating with your colleagues, you rely on technology to streamline your daily processes. So, shouldn’t your IT be an asset instead of hindering your productivity? You need reliable solutions that simplify your workflow without blowing through your budget. Don’t settle for services that don’t quite resolve your obstacles – we can help.

UTSI provides advanced tools and resources to keep your IT running smoothly and securely while creating a productive learning environment. Our education IT services support your servers, network, computers and cyber security to keep your systems running at peak performance. By managing and maintaining your tech support, we’ll give you the tools you need to make teaching and learning easier. From curriculums and student records to policies and procedures, we’ll streamline your daily operations while working with your limited – and often depleting – budget.


Underperforming Tech Ends Here

Benefits of Education IT Services


From classroom to the computer lab, you need applications to work from anywhere while accommodating a large group of students and teachers. Office 365 provides flexibility and multi-license agreements so you can easily add users.

Minimal Downtime

Your students have limited availability to computer access – you can’t afford to waste valuable classroom time with interruptions. With our business continuity services, we ensure your systems are always running at peak condition.


Your students rely on computers to research and write papers – but what happens if your server is lagging? We provide server management and computer repair services to optimize your server performance and provide a better user experience.

Secure Data

You’re responsible for keeping the personal information of your students confidential. Our cyber security services provide multi-layered security solutions designed to protect your student and teacher’s private data from every angle.