Healthcare IT Solutions

Curing Your IT Headaches

Your Challenges… Our Solutions

Between caring for patients and implementing new strategies to improve workflow, you’ve got your hands full. You need secure, timely and precise communication all while meeting HIPAA compliance and staying within budget. But, you’re only one person, and you don’t have time to update, manage, maintain and protect your IT in addition to your daily tasks. You need an expert to manage and take care of your IT.

UTSI knows your patient care is the top priority – which is why we make taking care of your IT our top priority. Our healthcare IT solutions analyze your current IT infrastructure to identify pain points, breaches of your security and vulnerabilities. From closing gaps in your security to limiting unauthorized users to patient’s confidential information, we’ll keep your organization compliant with HIPAA standards and regulations. And, as requirements change, we’ll keep your business up-to-date, so you’ll never worry if you’re at risk of noncompliance fines. You spend your days taking care of your patients – we’ll take care of your IT by monitoring, maintaining and managing your systems.


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Benefits of Healthcare IT Services

HIPAA Compliance

Failing to meet compliance isn’t only a costly mistake – it diminishes your credibility. By securing your IT, we eliminate your risks of noncompliance, protect your patient’s private data and boost your reputation.

Seamless Migrations

Implementing new software is a complex process filled with risks of downtime and data loss. Our migration and deployment services ensure that your installations are efficient, reliable, tested and performing at peak condition.

Improved Relationships

Working with third-party vendors is frustrating – and resolving issues is difficult. Our vendor management services ensure that the contracts you sign are fair and provide the equipment you need to provide for your patients.

Real-Time Reports

You have charts for every patient’s status – why don’t you know the status of your IT? Our SIEM systems analyze your digital footprint and create easy-to-read activity logs, so you know the exact condition of your technology solutions.