IT Support for Nonprofits

Supporting Your Cause with Reliable IT

Your Challenges… Our Solutions

You have a cause you care deeply about, so you created a nonprofit to generate awareness and growth. But, what you didn’t anticipate is that generating awareness requires significant tech assistance. Between connecting with organizers and supporters, and building a reputation for your nonprofit, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You don’t have time to learn about which tech would be most helpful to your cause.

UTSI understands that your cause is important, so we empower your nonprofit with advanced technologies to enable growth and help you get the word out. You’ve got a limited budget, but our IT support for nonprofits provides comprehensive IT solutions for a price you can plan for. Whether you need to work from anywhere or need assistance connecting with supporters and organizers, we offer solutions designed to streamline your nonprofit and optimize your communication capabilities. You’re passionate about your cause, and you’d do everything you could to bring success to your nonprofit – we’ll do the same thing for your IT.


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Benefits of IT Support for Nonprofits


When it comes to building a reputation for your nonprofit, breaches and disputes are damaging. By combining your IT solutions with multi-layered security and business continuity services, we’ll ensure your nonprofit’s protected from downtime.

Strategic Roadmaps

You have a strict budget, and it’s not always obvious how to integrate your technologies without overspending. Our IT consulting services create a plan and use the latest technologies and tools to help you meet your nonprofit’s goals.

24/7 Monitoring

Breaches and extended downtime aren’t only detrimental to your capital – but to your time. We monitor your systems 24/7 and pinpoint vulnerabilities, activity and unauthorized access to close gaps and keep your nonprofit protected.

Connected Teams

Collaborating and communicating with your team, volunteers and supporters are essential to the success of your nonprofit. With collaboration tools like Office 365, we help connect your key players from anywhere at any time.