Why You Should Retain Top Tech Talent

With the proliferation of tech companies today, there has been a high demand for top IT experts across the nation. This competitive market makes it hard for smaller companies to hire IT professionals who will look after their technologies.

In this circumstance, getting the help of IT staffing agencies will be beneficial as they are highly experienced in this field. They can easily give you qualified candidates that you can deploy in your IT department right away. Aside from hiring new tech talents, you should also make an effort to retain your top IT staff.

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When an organization follows these strategies, employee turnover will be reduced and the company won’t be stuck in the hiring cycle. So how can you have an effective retention program? Here are some tips to consider.

Competitive Salary

It is understandable why employees find compensation important. We all work hard every day to earn money so we could provide needs for ourselves and our dependents. However, when it comes to tech professionals, it can be a bit complicated. Especially in our super-charged economy, IT experts may demand higher compensation. As such, your company must be prepared to negotiate. This also applies to current employees who might not be satisfied with their existing positions. In addition to salary, benefits, vacation days, and other bonuses can also entice workers to stay in the company. But take note of some people that are already settled into their current standards of living. Any monetary incentive that you offer to them may still unlikely affect their decision.

Professional and Personal Growth

Most of the time, IT staffing agencies and private companies hear candidates say during the interview that they are looking to further their careers. It is important to understand that this doesn’t automatically means you need to promote them so they could remain in the company. This kind of opportunity may be limited to some people as you cannot promote all of your employees at the same time. But there are other options that you can do to still ensure that they will grow professionally in your organization.

Conduct performance reviews or monthly one-on-one meetings to put into perspective what your employee’s career goals are. Moreover, ask them how those goals might have changed since you first hired them. Maintaining an open employer-employee communication allows them to be honest and candid, especially if their desire for growth may seem to overstep upon your own career as their direct report.

For employees who wanted professional development, you can assign them mentorship duties or make them lead a new project. You may also look into classes, training, or tuition reimbursement for team members who want to learn new technical skill sets. Alternatively, simply ask them for suggestions on how you might be able to support their professional and personal growth.

Work Environment

Another thing to consider is the work environment of employees. Company culture also plays a significant role in employee retention. Since most workers spend at least a third of their lives in the workplace, they’ll easily get burnt out if they’re feeling neglected, abused, or stagnant in any way.

Evaluate your company’s work-life balance for each individual employee. Does your office environment motivates people to work hard? Or does it look like a mess and unwelcoming? Walk in your team’s shoes to see the dynamics and to make sure that every conflict is being resolved quickly and effectively.

Set up a meeting with your tech team to discuss their role in the organization and how they’re making an impact on your business. Get their feedback, and make sure to listen to their ideas. Acknowledging your employees helps build respect and loyalty.

Having Extra Incentives

You can always encourage your employees verbally but sometimes, they are also expecting that you put it in a tangible form. Reinforcing occasional workplace perks and incentives can make all the difference.

If your team can’t offer big compensation to new recruits from IT staffing agencies, don’t despair. You can still give little incentives. One of which is allowing them to work from home. This is a common practice for many tech companies today. Apart from this, you can also permit flexible schedules. Many of today’s professionals feel that such considerations reveals that you trust and respect them. You can also give a gym membership discount or a weekly lunch catering. Employees want to know they’re cared for — and these rewards can do the trick.


Investing in your employees is essential to build a strong retention program. Looking after their well-being and giving them perks will go a long way to enhance your relationship.

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