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What Makes Computers Slow?

It can be really frustrating to have computers that don’t function well. This is especially true for modern businesses that are using computers daily to communicate with clients and business partners around the world. Unfortunately, it is inevitable for computers to slow down over time because of different reasons. Whatever the reasons are, there are a number of ways to improve the performance of your computers, and one of which is by asking help from IT support companies in Chalmette.

But first, let us understand what makes computers slow.

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1. You are using many programs or browser tabs at once.

Multitasking in computers has become more common in today’s digital world. However, if your computer has been around for some time, its memory and processing speed might not be able to do seamless switching from one program to another. Keeping multiple tabs open in your browser and using apps that store a large cache of data similarly slows your machine down.

2. Your hard drive or memory could have reached its limit.

You may not notice it but often, your hard drive or memory performance starts to suffer long before it reaches its full capacity. Your computer’s efficiency and productivity are affected when you download programs, install application updates, and save work files. These take up hard drive and memory space, to the extent that running the latest version of a video editing software on an old computer is almost impossible.

3. Various applications automatically open once your device starts up.

There are programs that automatically load upon starting up your computer. This can cause a major lag on your machine’s processing speed, first thing in the morning. It’s even worse if you are not aware that you have programs running in the background which could further affect your day to day PC tasks.

4. Your computer is infected with a virus or you do not have an effective antivirus solution

Another reason why your computer may be sluggish is due to viruses. Viruses can gain unauthorized access to your system and steal your private data. Some of them even encrypt files on your computer and demand a large cash ransom before you can get it all back. Regardless of the type of viruses infecting your computer, they are a big problem to your business. Antivirus software can defend your computer against these malicious activities although you should be aware of those low-quality ones. Choose a multi-layered, constantly evolving security software for better protection.

5. Shortage of RAM memory

RAM memory is a temporary memory in your PC. It is used by your operating system to run tasks smoothly. Insufficient RAM can tellingly cause your computer to slow down. Modern computing needs require a healthy supply of RAM memory. If decades ago, 2 GB of RAM is enough, now a 64-bit system would need 8 GB of RAM when used for anything beyond the most basic office work.

Tips to Increase PC Performance

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, you can follow these tips to speed up your computer.

Restart your computer – Restarting your computer at least once a day can clear all the random and temporary files from your computers’ RAM (Random Access Memory), making it run faster.

Limit startup programs – Disable the programs that open automatically during computer start up.

Don’t open multiple programs at the same time – Your PC may not work properly if you are running several programs simultaneously. Try to reduce the number of programs you are using at once. Also, avoid opening lots of browser tabs at the same time as this could take up much of your computer’s RAM. Shutting down tabs which you do not need and just bookmarking important links are more ideal.

Install antivirus software – It is essential to install security software on your IT system. Antivirus programs are capable of identifying and removing all kinds of malware that slows down your computer. Do not forget to run antivirus scanners often.

Regularly run computer updates – Download and install the necessary software patches and device drivers to improve your computer’s performance.

Move files to the cloud storage service – Using off-site data storage like the cloud is another way to optimize space if your hard drive is too full.

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