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IT Downtime: What IT Means For Your Business

Business and other organizations usually assume that IT downtime simply means a full system outage which could easily be fixed by a mere repairman. However, there are subtle ways that your IT infrastructure can cut your overall profits and productivity that might lead to bigger damages. 

Downtime can also include periods where your server is overloaded from high traffic or in some cases, when your IT team is handling too many tasks and are unable to do their regular work. It can affect workers who have to compensate for colleagues’ IT problems with extra work, and it can leave potential customers put off permanently, without any chance of survival.

IT Support Elmwood

Major international brands like Sony and Amazon took a serious blow to their reputation when they experienced downtime and data breaches when they let loose a lot of IT specialists. People can only imagine how a smaller company without the standing of those trading giants might struggle to ever recover from the same thing. Getting IT support in Elmwood in this case will be helpful to handle IT emergencies.

What causes IT downtime?

There are a number of reasons why an IT system shuts down or stops working. One of the most common reasons is overloading, or when too many people try to use a service at once, especially if that service is operating with a limited number of data and resources. It is also a problem that occurs when you immediately update your web functions without preparing the network, draining overall function and leaving web pages almost unable to run normally.

Downtime could also be the result of a physical event, such as a damaged server or electrical outage that can be impossible to foresee. Fires and floods are rare but possible causes of server trouble, and vandalism or accidental damage are most likely to cause this incident. 

Malicious attacks are important to consider, especially now when cybercrime is on the rise and hackers have nothing to do but create serious problems on business networks. From overloading your network to stealing sensitive data, cyber threats should always be taken seriously as they have the potential to cause huge damages not only for your company, but to your clients as well.

Understanding the true cost of IT downtime

Financial factors are one of the main culprits in business downtime. Firstly, you have the initial cost of repairs and problem resolution, but because  IT issues can be very complicated, businesses avoid  testing and diagnostics by experts. If you called out a repair team, you might be hit with a high emergency charge along with the cost of labour and parts because these skills are in demand. Depending on the number of machines affected, repair costs can run extremely high and this might push you to get a huge chunk from your savings.

Of course, an in-house team can avoid these costs since they are already on the payroll and can simply swap tasks in between jobs. Once they get all the system problems fixed, everything can start up and run again. However, this is a risky strategy considering that downtime strikes and services tend to slow or stop, making your team tied up with unwanted service tickets and support requests.

If they can get free to work on the problem, you could be looking at some serious overtime hours in order to get your system running in no time. Even then, you could still be hit with a need to replace equipment or buy in diagnostic software due to the lack of expert handling.

Keeping costs down further with a managed IT support

Where emergency IT support teams make their money from regular call-outs and would prefer you only find a temporary fix, it is in the best interests of IT support in Elmwood to deliver 100% uptime so long as it is possible. IT companies have a reputation built on reliability and consistency, and your business could really benefit from hiring expert IT support.

It is impossible to budget for the unknown; you can’t know what a period of downtime will actually cost you especially now that the technology is evolving rapidly. With a managed IT infrastructure, you can plan ahead and compose a budget for the whole month subscription.

For smaller businesses, it makes sense to outsource your IT support service rather than maintain an in-house team since your system is not that heavy. Managed IT support  in Elmwood and other areas can arrange a flexible subscription for you.

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