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One disgruntled employee leads to a legal process that involves combing through thousands of business emails. You know you have all your ducks in a row – if you could just locate them. You spend hours clicking through emails, printing the ones you need, but the process is slow. It’s your worst-case scenario come true, and now all you can think about is how much you wish you had a better solution.

UTSI knows that email hosting isn’t always at the forefront of your mind – until you’re subject to compliance or legal standards. That’s why we provide email hosting solutions to retrieve exchanges, data and other documents sent via email. We’ll easily migrate, protect, store and retrieve your emails, so you spend less time searching for crucial communication exchanges and spend more time checking off your to-dos. We’ll boost your email reliability and ability to comply with compliance regulations while reducing the risk of noncompliance fines and wasted efforts. Plus, we’ll keep your emails encrypted from unauthorized users so you can rest easy knowing your confidential information is protected.


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Benefits of Email Hosting Solutions

Storage Space

Between your team, customers, partners and other communicators, your business receives thousands of emails a day. Our email hosting services provide adequate storage space that scales to fit your storage bandwidth needs.

Multi-Layered Security

From natural disasters to cyber threats, risks to your email – and ultimately, your business – are one moment away from causing damage. That’s why we proactively deploy a multi-layered security solution designed to keep your email safe.

Meet Compliance

Noncompliance fines can be detrimental to the success and credibility of your business. Our cloud hosting solutions ensure you keep track of any email communications or files you may need to prove compliance is met.

Virtual Assistance

Maintaining your software is time consuming – between patching, securing, updating and migrating. With email hosting, we’ll maintain your software with automatic patching and updates, virtual management and secure migrations.