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Your organization’s growing and now you’re ready to expand, but your servers can’t seem to accommodate your new demands. You’re out of storage space and are looking to buy more – seems simple enough. But as you research the costs of extra servers, you realize it’s not as simple as it first seemed. You need a storage solution that minimizes costs without sacrificing storage space.

UTSI knows server flexibility and scalability is essential to the success of your business growth. But, hosting physical servers on your own anchors your business capabilities. With virtual server hosting services, you free up your tech team’s time and streamline your deployments by hosting your virtual servers on the cloud. From moving data to different storage tiers, adding disk space and updating RAM to simplifying the installation and management process, a virtual server ensures you efficiently get the solutions you need – when you need them. We’ll help reduce wait times by assisting your tech team with managing and monitoring your systems and streamlining the deployment process


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Benefits of Virtual Server Hosting

Additional Storage Space

When your storage space fills up, you face the decision of buying more servers. Using the cloud, we quickly add, migrate and expand your storage capabilities without the extra costs of physical hardware.

Server Encryption

Keeping your servers and customer data safe should be at the forefront of your concerns. We put your mind at ease by ensuring all of your confidential data is encrypted and armed with multi-layered protection and 24/7 monitoring.

Business Continuity

Waiting for your tech team to make storage adjustments or fix issues with the server is frustrating and takes time away from your day. With virtual server hosting, we eliminate your downtime to help boost your business continuity.

Lower Costs

Between additional servers, updating and management, operations and more, your systems can get expensive to maintain. By virtualizing your servers and hosting them, we’ll lower your maintenance costs and improve your ROI.