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You’ve recently migrated your servers to the cloud, and you’ve seen a significant difference in performance. But, since you’re no longer frustrated with your server, you’re beginning to notice a lag and intermittent connectivity issues with some of your other tech solutions – including applications, software and network. If only you could virtualize the rest of your systems as well. Spoiler alert – you can.

UTSI understands that the cloud isn’t limited to hosting your servers – there are thousands of cloud solutions for your technology services. Whether you need to virtualize your applications, storage or network, we’ll make the process easier by providing comprehensive support and post-deployment testing. We’ll help you identify issues with your current physical tech solutions and create a strategic plan for which services to virtualize. We’ll automate your operations and provide management, monitoring, data storage and security support to ensure your applications and other virtual tech solutions offer the best experience for your business and – more importantly – your customers.


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Benefits of Virtualization Support

Seamless Installations

Updating or installing new applications and services can take hours or even days to complete. With cloud virtualization, we ensure your technology solutions are running at peak performance by streamlining the deployment process.

Advanced Technology

Your systems are limited to the physical solutions available. By migrating your applications to the cloud, you gain access to thousands of advanced technology solutions designed to expand your business capabilities.

Save Money

The cost of updating and maintaining your applications steadily increases as you add users. Virtualization services allow you to buy a single license and host the rest of the users without any of the extra costs – reducing your spending.

Segregated Systems

While physical servers, applications and other hardware tend to work together, it can also cause extended downtime to pinpoint issues. Virtualization separates your systems to eliminate interruptions during maintenance.