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You call your coworker in another office to discuss a project. Everything is going well, but as you describe your portion of the project and provide feedback, your coworker asks if you can add a new section. They ask if you can add the account manager to the call so you both can discuss timelines. But, you’re working from a legacy system and don’t have the capabilities to add multiple people to the same conversation.

UTSI knows that communication is essential to the success of your business. Whether you’re conversing with your team, customers or partners, you need a solution that makes communicating simple. Our VoIP phone services use your IP address, integrate with your technology solutions and streamline your communications process. No matter where your team is located, VoIP allows them to connect and collaborate from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using features like mobile integration and virtual conference calling, you can work on projects in real-time and get instant feedback while minimizing confusion and eliminating feedback wait times.


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Benefits of VoIP Phone Services

Anywhere Communication

By today’s technology standards, you need a phone solution that promotes a flexible work environment. Whether your team works remotely from home or a different office location, VoIP allows your team to connect.


As your business grows and your needs change, you need technology solutions that adjust to fit your new goals. Our VoIP and Evolve program scales with your business, so you have the most upgraded resources and tools to succeed.

Advanced Features

Customers don’t always wait until hours of operation to give your business a call. With VoIP solutions, you gain features like call forwarding, auto attendant and other management applications to ensure you never miss a message.

Save Money

Legacy phones systems are not only frustrating to use, they’re expensive to maintain. VoIP phone systems eliminate long-distance charges and hardware maintenance costs so you can add new lines and register users seamlessly.