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After a month of working overtime, you’ve finally finished your project. You save your file and leave feeling relieved to have completed the extensive task. You return in the morning, only to discover that the file is missing from the server. Another colleague was cleaning up the folder and accidentally deleted your month’s work without noticing. What was once a relief, has turned into a nightmare.

UTSI understands how gut-wrenching the moment you lose a significant file can be. With our data backup and recovery services, we eliminate the risks of permanently losing your information, projects and other confidential data by providing proactive steps to keep it secure. We regularly create virtual backups of your entire infrastructure and make it easy to recover different versions of your files. Whether you accidentally save over the wrong file, delete a project or experience a fragment error, we’ll quickly retrieve the data so you spend less time waiting around and more time checking off your to-dos. From cyber criminals to disgruntled employees, we protect your confidential data from being permanently damaged.


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Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery

Business Continuity

Extended downtime is detrimental to the productivity and efficiency of your business. Our award-winning security solutions ensure you have the tools and resources you need to boost uptime and eliminate the risk of extended interruption.

Protect Data

When a ransomware attack occurs, your data is encrypted by a cyber criminal asking for a ransom. With our backup and recovery services, we’ll simply clear your systems and recover your data from the latest backup – ruining their plans.


Whether you’ve experienced a cyber attack or other system failure, extended downtime is just as damaging as losing your progress. We’ll quickly recover your data and resolve your issues, so you spend less time twiddling your thumbs.

24/7 Support

It’s inevitable, your computers will experience errors or other tech-related problems. That’s why we provide 24/7 ticket and help desk support to get your team and systems back to peak performance – often within as little as 15 – 20 minutes.