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You check your email, trashing spam and mentally prioritizing action items. One email came from a colleague describing an incident that occurred with a customer and provides picture evidence. You quickly download the file, but it’s corrupted. A few weeks go by, and you discover the file you downloaded from your “colleague” was actually malware from a phishing email – now your data is encrypted.

UTSI knows how often you use email to communicate with team members, customers and partners and its role in your business. That’s why we provide email security solutions to keep you safe from cyber attacks – like ransomware, phishing emails, viruses and spam. As cyber criminals become smarter, they’re finding different ways to gain access to your confidential information. We bring our multi-layered security approach to your favorite email platform to keep your inbox protected and your data safe from unauthorized access. Plus, we’ll train your team on how to recognize threats like phishing emails, so that they can eliminate risks from the inside.


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Benefits of Email Security Solutions

Risk Training

You could have the strongest security system in the world, but if your employees click risky links or download corrupted software – you’re at risk. Our email security services include employee risk training to help your team recognize threats.

Proactive Monitoring

You don’t always recognize changes to your systems, especially if you aren’t looking. We proactively monitor your network to record changes – like when you download corrupted files – and resolve threats to your systems.

Improved Credibility

Whether they include customer’s confidential data or not, breaches hurt your business’ reputation. With email security services, we prevent cyber attacks and boost your credibility with the community and your customers.


Cyber threats including ransomware and phishing emails can be detrimental to your business continuity. We ensure your risk of downtime is significantly reduced – if not eliminated – by providing reliable and multi-layered email security solutions.