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It’s a gloomy day, and you’re left typing away while the rain pours outside. As the wind picks up, you hear the distant rumble begin – then, as quick as lightning, the power goes out. Your heart races as you try to remember the last time you saved your progress. The power comes back on, but the damage is done, and your connectivity is still down. You need a better backup plan for when disaster strikes.

UTSI understands that disasters can strike at any moment – whether it’s a natural disaster or a disgruntled employee. That’s why we create business continuity plans to ensure your systems return to their full operations in less time. By partnering with Datto, we provide award-winning insurance for your business. From losing data to ruining credibility, we prevent natural disasters – like tornados, fire damage, hurricanes, earthquakes and lightening – from causing extensive damage to your business. Unlike most IT companies, we get your systems back up and running within minutes – not hours, days or weeks – to relieve your stress and return your focus to what really matters.

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Benefits of Business Continuity

Reliable Uptime

Downtime is detrimental to your credibility and often results in significant data loss. We strengthen your systems by providing routine updates, patches and multi-layered security to ensure your business is always up and running.

Strategic Planning

You have a plan for your employees when a disaster strikes, why doesn’t the same apply to your IT? We create a business continuity plan to implement when natural disasters occur, so you’re never left wondering what happens next.


Losing customer data and experiencing downtime is not only damaging to your daily business operations, but it also leads to hefty noncompliance fines. We prevent your systems from losing data to help you meet compliance standards.

Proactive Management

Know the status of your infrastructure with real-time activity monitoring and management. We proactively monitor and manage your systems to recognize threats and risks before they occur and keep your systems online.