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You’ve had your laptop for a while, and you know it’s been passed around the company for a couple of years before you began working. But, it’s a solid piece of hardware, and you rarely have problems with it – or had. You’re working on a project one day, and your computer suddenly shuts down. When you restart, your see the blue screen of death. Has the life of your matured computer finally met its end?

UTSI understands that you’re not always ready to buy new hardware. Our computer repairs services are designed to maintain your hardware and extend the life of your technology. Whether you’re experiencing connectivity issues or unexpected restarts, we’ll pinpoint the source of your problem, fix it, test your system to proactively identify any other issues and get you back to peak productivity. While most problems can be fixed remotely, we also offer on-demand experts to assist your IT needs on-site. Don’t put up with unpredictable computers – we’ll update, monitor and maintain your hardware. And, when it’s time to put your tech to rest, we’ll help with that too.


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Benefits of Computer Repair Services

Isolate Problems

When it comes to taking care of your technology solutions, it can be difficult to pinpoint the real source of your tech-related problems. We assess your IT solutions and offer advice on where you can improve to enhance your business.

On-Demand Support

Whether you need remote or onsite support, you need tech assistance quickly to boost business continuity. With our 24/7 help desk and reliable on-demand IT experts, we get you the support you need – when you need it.

Extend Tech Life

Despite experiencing tech-related issues, your hardware doesn’t need to be replaced at the first sign of trouble. By maintaining, updating and repairing your computer and other technologies, we’ll extend its lifecycle and improve your ROI.

Eliminate Costs

Buying new hardware is a hefty and expensive feat – especially when you’re not ready for the purchase. By extending the lifetime of your computers and other hardware, we’ll delay your need for making large tech procurements.