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It’s been years since your business has bought new computers – and now it’s time to upgrade. You research different brands and capabilities, and you’ve finally decided on a seemingly reliable model. Now the tough part – finding a vendor that can provide the hardware for a reasonable price. You call around, but despite your best-negotiating efforts, you can’t help feeling you’re being nickeled and dimed.

UTSI helps you build strong vendor relationships so you can get the hardware you need without overpaying for it. With our vendor management solutions, we work with vendors on your behalf to create fair contracts, resolve issues and manage your solutions. Whether you’re experiencing tech-related problems and you’re not sure which vendor to call, or you’re looking to purchase new hardware, we’ll use extensive industry experience to strengthen your IT relationships. From helping you with the procurement process to identifying pain points, we’ll monitor your systems and provide industry expertise, so you can make informed decisions when it comes to your IT.


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Benefits of Vendor Management

Quick Resolutions

When you experience downtime, and several vendors are involved, it can feel like a blame game. We resolve your tech-related issues quicker by pinpointing the problem and working with the vendor in charge to get it fixed.

Industry Expertise

Leveraging contracts with new or existing vendors can be difficult when you don’t have the industry knowledge. Our extensive experience and reputation in the industry help us resolve your problems and ensure your contracts are fair.

Streamlined Communications

Tracking sales, services and support contacts for each vendor becomes confusing and creates a margin of error. We simplify the process by using industry expertise and working directly with your vendors.

Reduced Costs

Maintaining your technology is expensive – between operating costs, resources and time. By managing your IT, we streamline your processes, cut operating costs and free up your IT team’s time – so you save money and boost your ROI.