Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Thanks to the kind of technological advancements we have today, employees working on different industries are now provided with the opportunity to bring their own devices to their workplaces and make use of those in a way that was never before. The thing is, new plans for security, connectivity, privacy and management must also be brought upon together with this trend so issues such as security and data breaches can be mitigated by the employers.

Especially if you run an SME and doesn’t have a large budget for a large IT staff, you will need a solution that protects your business from these concerns as much as the larger companies. One great solution is to avail of MDM tools such as mobile device management for Office 365.

Mobile device management for office 365

What is Mobile Device Management?

MDM or mobile device management is the process of controlling everything about a mobile device. It is a software that enables IT administrators (usually from managed IT services providers) to control, secure and enforce policies on devices such as smartphones, tablets and other similar endpoints in an enterprise.

It can also be established that mobile device management is a key component of enterprise mobility management or EMM, an ever-developing organizational trend that tackles the business and technological context of device usage in daily business operations.

Some of the functions of MDM include deciding which apps can be present on the devices, storing essential information about mobile devices, locating devices and securing them if lost or stolen. Simply put, the purpose of mobile device management is to make the best of the functionality and security of mobile devices within an organization while protecting the corporate network at the same time.

How does it work?

Managed IT services providers require two components of MDM in their data centers:

● a server component where they configure and send out policies via a management console and;
● a client component, which receives and executes the commands on end-user mobile devices

Although scalability was an issue before when it comes to implementing mobile device management, the modern MDM software can now automatically detect new devices connected to the corporate network and administer over-the-air commands or settings for streamlined policy implementation.

Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Since Microsoft released Office 365 on mobile devices, it brought forth new productivity opportunities for companies. With Microsoft MDM option, users will have the ability to manage all mobile devices connected to Exchange Online, remotely delete emails from any device, enforce passcode requirements, prevent access to emails and documents based on company policies, report devices that do not subscribe to the policy, and access reports on jailbreaking.

You can use mobile device management for Office 365 to secure and manage devices such as Windows Phone 8.1+, iOS 7.1 or later versions, Android 4 or later versions, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 RT, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobile.

If some employees in your organization use mobile devices that aren’t supported by Mobile Device Management for Office 365, you can block Exchange ActiveSync app access to Office 365 email for those devices, to keep your business data more secure.

Office 365 Mobile Setup for Individual Devices

If this is your first time to set up Office 365, you can create MDM rules in Office 365 to manage mobile devices. Meanwhile, if your organization already has devices set up with Office 365, you’ll be required to run through each device to modify accessibility. After the device is deployed with the correct access, you can set up MDM rules.

To manage access for mobile devices that already have Office 365, you must first log into the portal. Next, go to the Exchange Admin Center and search for a user with a mobile device. Double-click the mailbox to access properties, and then select Mailbox Features. Under Mobile Devices, click on View Details. Here, you can choose the device/s you want to add. Once you’re done, click Allow. To block unwanted devices, just highlight them and select Block.


Fully-managed and successfully implemented MDM solutions mitigate the need to have dedicated, in-house staff managing this system, which is a great advantage for businesses of any size. Just remember that care and due diligence must be taken to evaluate a mobile device management platform first to understand whether it fits your company’s specific policies. What’s more, new plans must be set in place as well before choosing an option in order to determine what is specifically needed and continuously reviewed to ensure that best practices and maximum security are maintained at all times.

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