MSPs are Needed for Peace of Mind about Information Security

In businesses of every size, information security is under unceasing assault by cybercriminals. Hackers use increasingly sophisticated strategies to steal data or hold it hostage. In our technology-driven world, information systems are essential to business. Entire organizations are at risk due to potential security breaches. Achieving impenetrable information security may be impossible, but the many steps recommended to secure layers of protection are often too much for one medium or small business to handle. That’s why managed service providers (MSPs) are trusted for information security by more and more companies.

What’s Needed for Peace of Mind regarding Information Security?

Expert IT advice regarding rock-solid cybersecurity involves numerous steps. All things considered, it’s easy to see that third-party services from an MSP provider make more sense than trying to protect your information technology strictly through in-house efforts. The following are examples of actions involved with heightened information security:

  • Take inventory of your data. Know where it’s stored and exactly how it’s protected.
  • Identify zero-day threats and put IT policy in place that continuously updates anti-malware and anti-virus libraries.
  • With estimates indicating that one million new
    malware threats emerged daily as of 2014, it is imperative that IT systems utilize software to block the cyber-attacks.
  • Use data encryption for proprietary and confidential data as well as any other types of data that need protection.
  • Establish security specifications in a service-level agreement with cloud computing services.

Information Security

It’s believed that there are two types of businesses today: Companies who know they’ve had a breach of information security and those who’ve had a breach but just don’t know it yet. UTSI is an MSP with teams of IT experts, including those with expertise in cybersecurity. We constantly monitor all activity to stop cyber-attacks before any damage is done.

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