Importance of Network Design and Installation

Network Design and Installation

A computer network is a collection of different computers, switches, printers, access points, servers, routers, and storage systems all designed to help perform various tasks. They are typically connected by physical cables but wireless connection can be used in certain applications. Together, they facilitate the flow and exchange of data. With proper network design and installation, this helps people in an organization to perform their jobs efficiently.

It is very important to have a good network design and installation. This is the foundation of your computer network that will ultimately have a direct affect on the organization’s users. If it isn’t well planned and deployed, chances are there would be several bottlenecks or weak points that will affect everything. It would lead to costly downtimes and overall frustration for the users.

At UTSI, we offer to analyze your business needs, create a design for your network infrastructure, and implement it to the best of our abilities to provide you a top performing, reliable, scalable, computer infrastructure that is easy to use and maintain.

Benefits of UTSI Network Design and Installation

At UTSI, we offer top-of-the-line network design and installation. We will help create a proper schematic of your computer network that will fit the organization’s needs. There are several reasons why you should consider our service which includes:

Custom Network Design and Installation

First thing we will do is to understand how the organization works. What does each department do and what are their requirements when it comes to their computer network? This will be our primary basis in doing the network design and installation. By knowing the needs of each user, we can properly adapt the computer network for them.


Part of our network design is to ensure the reliability of your computer system. Through proper planning, we can minimize or completely remove weak points of the system. By doing so, downtime is reduced and the organization won’t have to halt to a complete stop simply because something broke down and has to be fixed.

Another thing we address at UTSI when it comes to reliability of network design and installation is ensuring things are done the right way. We have seen many times in other organization’s computer networks that things were done a certain way to cut costs. Our design is meant for maximum reliability and performance.

Top Performance

As mentioned, our designs for your network prioritizes performance. To have your people work at peak performance, their tools should be as well. Our experts ensure that the design and deployment provide your people the best tools.


Organizations are built to grow. Goals of every business is to become bigger and increase their bottom line in doing so. With that, our network design and installation solution is always scalable. Even if you have the best computer network, if it isn’t scalable, then what’s the use? How can you increase your people if you hit a dead end with your computers?  These are questions that we tend to address even before you ask them.

Ease of Use

We try to minimize the required learning curve for employees when we do network design and installation. As much as possible, we provide plug-and-play solutions so that the users won’t have to do much in terms of learning and getting used to their new programs and systems.

This is also good when it comes to maintenance. Our plans take this into consideration so that maintenance is simpler and easier. This allows your people to focus on what matters, and that is the business rather than their tools.


After the network design and installation is complete, we also offer training for the users. This will further reduce the learning curve in using the new systems and tools.

Continued Support

Who better to maintain your computer network than those who actually made it? This is why we also offer continued support for maintenance and upgrades of your network whenever you need them. We will help analyze the overall performance of the network design and provide recommendations as well.

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If you are looking for the best solution for your network design and installation, look no further. At UTSI, we can help you create the best computer infrastructure that will benefit you, your people, and the entire business. Book with us and we will you every step of the way from analyzing your organization’s needs to maintaining your network computers. You can contact us if you have any other questions or clarifications. Our email is or call us at (504) 215-8256.