Why Security Vulnerability Assessment is Essential

Any organization should take advantage of security vulnerability assessment. This is because almost every company today deals with sensitive personal information or critical enterprise data from their customers. This includes name, private social user data, social security numbers, credit card details, and even commercial secrets. With all that information, all it takes is one flaw in the system and all of this information will be exposed to malicious attackers which can lead to financial repercussions, loss of reputation, lawsuits, and an overall disruption to business operations.

On top of that, there are industries that are highly regulated such as healthcare, finance, and the public sector. They need to ensure the safety of their customer’s information which is why they are required to pass several standards and regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and CCHIT to name a few. It is essential to comply with these standards to continue functioning normally and a security vulnerability assessment helps with compliance.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

UTSI.US Security Vulnerability Assessment Services

At UTSI.us, we offer our clients and customers security vulnerability assessment services so that they can be sure their systems and applications are safe. This involves a comprehensive check and evaluation of a system for any vulnerabilities which can be taken advantage of for malicious attacks. Security vulnerability assessment is a very useful tool in keeping the organization updated with the latest in security infrastructure and technologies.

Four Steps to Security Vulnerability Assessment

Our approach to security vulnerability assessment normally depends on the situation of our client’s organization. But there are four basic principles or steps that we look into.

Initial Security Check

During this phase, we try to identify all the assets of the organization or company and define the risk and importance of each device. This will be in coordination with client’s input. It is crucial to tag which devices are the most important and which ones are not so that there will be proper prioritization of the test. We also need to know if a device can be accessed by one, two, three, or all members of the organization. This will help our initial security vulnerability assessment.

Next, we look at the different strategic factors and their details which includes:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Risk appetite
  • Residual risk treatment
  • Risk mitigation and policies on every device
  • Business impact analysis

Defining the System’s Baselines

The next step towards security vulnerability assessment is to gather as much information about the different systems as possible. We’ll need to at least review if devices have open ports, what processes do they run and what services should not be opened. We’ll also need to take note of all approved software and drivers to have a basic configuration for each device.

We will then try to check what kind of public information can be accessed based on the current configuration. All of this information will help us identify how the system works and where the weak points are.

Do a Security Vulnerability Assessment Scan

Before doing the actual scan, we would compile the organization’s guidelines for compliance requirements. We would also try to coordinate the best time to do the scan based on the business. This is different from industry to industry.

We would then perform security vulnerability assessment scans on each platform. We would initially focus on the following areas:

  • Scan of popular ports
  • Do a CMS web scan for general CMS applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more
  • Common ports for best scan such as 65 and 535
  • Stealth scan
  • Firewall scan
  • A complete scan for DDoS attacks
  • Aggressive scan
  • Check Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Check Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS)
  • And of course, Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act scan for compliance of HIPAA

Create Report Based on Security Vulnerability Assessment Scan

After accomplishing the security vulnerability assessment scan, we would then create a report on our findings. We will pay attention to all the details and provide recommendations based on what we found in order to improve your overall security.

We would also help document the findings and all details of the vulnerabilities so that there is a proper record for future reference.

Get Secured with a Security Vulnerability Assessment Scan

There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to security. And this is something you should disregard. Make sure your systems are safe and the information you handle does not leak out through malicious means. Be pro-active and cover potential weaknesses now with a security vulnerability assessment scan. If you are ready and want this assessment, you can simply contact us by email at info@utsi.us or call us at (504) 215-8256.

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