How Service Desk Can Add Value To Your Company

Thanks to the continuous appearance of tech innovations, businesses in all kinds of industries now have the opportunity to use more technologically advanced tools that make the backbone of a company’s most mission-critical processes. However, an organization may not be acquiring as many benefits from its IT solutions if one of these resources breaks down or if employees aren’t sure how to use them appropriately.

Fortunately, there is the service desk, which can provide a place for your workforce to reach out to when problems arise and permit your IT team to be in the know about the latest issues it needs to address. While it has been traditionally staffed by a company’s own IT personnel, outsourced, managed service desk is what’s becoming the norm these days.

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Some of the attributes of an adequate managed service desk are:

● Collaborative and easy to use
● Performs as Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for IT support
● Provides basic problem management, including issue escalation procedures and is supported by outside specialty groups for higher degree incidents
● Focuses on incidents and issues of end-users
● Keeps tabs of all incoming incidents
● Preserves database of all reported incidents and actions taken
● Capability to create scheduled reports based on the number of issues, response time, time taken to resolve the issue and integration of such parameters into a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Here, we gathered a list of different ways how a reliable service desk can add value to your company. Read on.

More time to focus on your company’s core competencies

In order to keep up with the ever-advancing technology, your IT team must be provided with ample time to initiate available innovations within your company. An opportunity that would be harder to achieve if they are focused on answering queries and chasing down solutions on their own.

With a trusty outsourced service desk, on the other hand, your internal IT staff no longer has to worry about dealing with these issues, giving them more time to concentrate on your business’ other, mission-critical initiatives. Additionally, they will be provided with the resources they need to probe and educate themselves on the newest strategies, enabling them to keep learning and expand more.

Enhanced efficiency

A service desk functions as a centralized location for all your customer service communications, which permits the inflowing activity to come into one place. There are available streamlined processes that make the workflow more systematic, enhancing your business operation’s efficiency.

Increased productivity

Your staff can get their job done faster and with greater ease when you implement the automation features of a well-founded service desk. An example would be its capacity to prioritize urgent tickets, eliminating the need for your employees to sort through information themselves.

User support prioritization

Apart from offering top-notch, knowledgeable IT support, a dedicated managed service desk team are also trained in client support, which means that every request or inquiry sent is met with a quick and courteous response, delivering the best experience possible for your employees.

Significant cost savings benefits

Contrary to what others may think about the costs of adopting a managed solution, it can actually help your company save significantly, especially when it comes to staffing, equipment, and training expenses. As such, turning to a managed service desk solution ensures expert support at a fraction of the cost.

A managed service provider takes on the responsibility of overlooking your service desk, including aspects such as training, the necessary hardware and software, a space for the service desk team, or hiring new staff members to support it, which completely allows your business to save time and money.

Strengthened knowledge-base

A systematized service desk also acts as a vast library of information for your business, customers and employees. It can include a lot of information and data that can save valuable time and effort for your staff if future issues arise. Additionally, a knowledge-base can also be used internally for staff members, which may help with new employees or when implementing new changes.

Final Thoughts

A service desk is a ticket management system that enables businesses to establish strong and effective work-flows for internal and customer-facing support departments. It is designed to ensure that users receive appropriate assistance quickly by helping to communicate with organizations that provide a single point of contact (SPOC) between a company and its customers, employees, and business partners. Turning to a dependable outsourced, managed service desk will streamline your business in various ways that offer long-term ROI.

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