How to Find the Right Employee

Every small business owner in the world are trying to find out solutions with the most common issue with employees — finding the right person who is qualified and efficient enough to help run the company.

Recent data shows that a whopping 60% of small business owners have been struggling to find the right skilled workers to fill their open positions.

Large corporations, however, would usually have an entire department or a service staffing agency dedicated to the task of recruiting potential employees. This article will show you how a business owner can find the right employee for their company

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1. Make Your Company Look Enticing To Employees

The first thing that you want to do is show the prospects why you’re the best employee that can hone their skills.
You’d need to be financially-ready because hiring quality candidates is going to require more monetary investment than you can afford. So, the best tip is to give them non-monetary reasons why working with you is probably the best decision they can make.

You need to emphasize every detail to sway them. Large corporate red tape and office politics could be tiring and uncomfortable for employees so you’ll need to emphasize that you, as an employer, do not subscribe to this kind of tradition. Having a company with a healthy social and working environment could bring about more productive employees. If working with your company will give candidates more exposure to their professional development, then let them know.

The bottom line: Make yourself look attractive to the prospects. If you’re a slick talker, you need to be sure that you attract them for reasons that’s not related to finances.

2. Recruit the Best of the Best of the Best

Some employers opt to settle to not-so-skilled applicants out of desperation. We know that the job hunting industry could be very competitive, and everyone wants to land a job. However, as the company owner, you need to recruit the best of the best of the best. Hiring the wrong person can drain your resources fast and even slow down the company’s progress.

What’s the worst thing small business owners do after a bad hire? Firing the employee. Making a bad hire will eventually lead to the sacking of the individual, and we all know how messy that could be. Firing an employee is emotionally draining, especially when they fight back and acknowledge all their wrong doings.

When you recruit someone, make sure that you have utilized all the resources to know if he or she is really fit for the job Remember, you are in a relationship with your employees for quite a long time, so make sure that you will be able to build good rapport otherwise you’ll end up with nothing.

3. Use the Right Hiring Methods

Placing your ad on Craigslist or Monster is probably not the best idea, as it will only bring a surge of applications. Receiving hundreds or thousands of applications can be overwhelming and hard to monitor.

What you can do in this situation is to recruit candidates using more targeted methods. Try to make yourself available on social media to get the attention of local job seekers. The best site for recruiting employees is LinkedIn. You may also use Facebook and look at FB groups that help freelancers land a job. Another great option for recruiting a talented worker for key positions in your company is with a service staffing agency.

Overall, the best method is definitely using a staffing agency as the agency aids in the recruiting process and background checking. Once the candidate is thoroughly vetted, it will confirm what area of work they will excel in. What this means for you is that you are not stuck with an employee that you are not satisfied with and you’ll end up having long-term employees.


The best hires often utilize a very simple yet obvious method: testing them with the actual work. Experience and educational background matter, but that would not mean anything if prospects can’t get things done efficiently. Be absolutely sure before you say, “You are hired.”

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