Does your Business Need Virtualization Support?

There are a lot of new technologies out there designed to address specific business needs. One such technology is virtualization support.

While the concept is nothing new, it is the implementation today that makes virtualization support new. This is the process of creating something in a virtual environment instead of physically. This includes computer hardware programs, networking devices, and storage solutions. Essentially what this does is that instead of a user interacting a host computer directly with a screen, mouse, and keyboard, they can do this with a different desktop or laptop through a network connection like LAN.

Difference Between Virtualization Support and Cloud Computing

The concept and basic description of virtualization support and cloud computing can be similar in a lot of aspects which leads to misunderstanding. Cloud computing delivers shared computing resources through the internet. Virtualization on the other hand is the process of a software manipulating hardware resources.

In essence, virtualization support is the key foundation of cloud computing.

Do you Need Virtualization Support?

Virtualization Support New Orleans

The key question now is, does your business or organization need virtualization support? The answer is not that straightforward. At, we pride ourselves in helping our clients function better with efficient tools and services. With that being said, what we can do for you initially is to come in and assess your company’s needs.

We do this by analyzing the current IT infrastructure and how things interact with each other. We take into consideration the needs of the end-user the most.

From your part, you should also assess the following to know if you need virtualization support:

1. Cost of Capital Expenditures
2. Total Cost of Ownership
3. Cost of Operational Expenditure

Costs become greater based on several factors such as:

● Security needs
● What the business needs or wants to accomplish
● Scalability requirements
● Amount of feature development is required

Generally, what we observed through our experience is that businesses that run on an OPEX model, who have little to no IT staff, and have few security concerns do well with cloud-based solutions. However, businesses that need more integration, control, and security work better with virtualization support.

Benefits of Virtualization Support

Many companies can greatly benefit from virtualization support. We will come in and help determine the best solution for your organization to get the maximum results. With that, here are some of the most common benefits of going to a virtualization model:

Reduced Costs

As compared to other solutions for large companies, virtualization support is much more cost efficient. Your investment in hardware and software is minimized and you spend less in maintenance since it is easier to use.

Upgrading assets is faster, easier, and more cost efficient as well.

Efficient Performance and Security

Virtual machines are designed to provide top performance for users which leads to better productivity of end-users. This also adds an extra layer of security as well which is always a welcomed addition to any business that handles sensitive data.

Virtualization support gives you the option to give different access levels to users as well which makes it easier to manage what people can and cannot do depending on their profile.

Improved Backup and Recovery

Due to the nature of virtualization support, backup and recovery of important files are improved as well as compared to more traditional setups. Since every desktop and device is connected to the network, files can be copied to new locations faster and will be there when recovery is needed.

Better Testing Environment

When creating and testing new hardware or software configuration, there are a lot of factors to look into. Virtualization support makes it easier to control these factors so testing is made safer and more efficient as well.

Improved Reliability

A virtual setup is also one of the more reliable solutions available today. It offers reduced downtime and along with faster and easier troubleshooting when something does go wrong which can have a significant effect in a company’s bottom line. Virtualization Support

At, we can offer you top-of-the-line virtualization support. You know that you will be getting one of the best in the industry today. We can help provide your company with improved performance, reliability, and security. And of course, we will also help you determine if this is the perfect solution for your situation right now.

If you want to learn more or consult with our experts, you can simply contact us and we will be more than happy to guide you in this endeavor. Send us an email at or call us at (504) 215-8256 and we can start right away.

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