What is a Staffing Agency?

You’ve probably heard your freelancer friends mention getting hired from a staffing agency, or maybe getting help from a temp agency to get a new gig. Now, you’re probably wondering, what is a staffing agency?

For starters, staffing agencies, sometimes called temp agencies, recruitment firms, or talent agencies are companies that function independently. This type of agency also have employees who can be hired out for regular or contractual jobs. Since staffing agencies are independent employment companies, their primary task is to place a range of employees into positions or jobs needed by other companies. The type of work usually offered are direct-hire positions for full-time jobs to temp-to-perm positions, freelance jobs, or even short-term projects like gigs.

What is Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are perfect for job hunters who are looking for work or a business or client looking for someone to hire.

Why Would You Use a Staffing Agency?

Is your office administrator on leave and you’re dying to find the perfect temporary replacement? Well, searching for new employees, regardless of the job contract, is definitely not an easy task. Good thing staffing agencies are fast in delivering great resolutions to your employment problems.

Staffing agencies have all you need in making sure that you could get the right person for the vacant position. They can also conduct background checks on your prospects in case you want a thorough process in identifying their skills.

Staffing Agencies for Employees

Have you been looking for jobs for months now but still no luck? Well, you’re in the right place because staffing agencies are where all the jobs are.

There are a lot of great jobs, projects, and opportunities out there that can help showcase your abilities and take you to a whole lot of job opportunities that you didn’t think is even possible. All you have to do is submit your resume initially. Staffing agencies have lots of open job boards that you can browse from. However, you don’t always get to see what you want to apply to at first. Regardless, you can send your information anyway just in case new jobs become available, you can have better chances of getting contacted.

When you do, a recruiter will get in touch with you for an interview if they like your credentials.

Staffing Agencies for Employers

There are always a lot of qualified and skilled professionals out there who are on the hunt for the next big job opportunity for you company but the question is: where are they? Let’s face it, great prospects are not that easy to find, especially if you’re trying to find someone who is a perfect fit for your vacant job. But don’t worry, staffing agencies can easily help you find the perfect match for you.

Once you get connected with a good agency, they will immediately put you in touch with a one-on-one point of contact. Usually, your account manager will be tasked to gather all the details you need for your next employee. Once the temp agency gets the necessary information, they will immediately process the recruitment to find your perfect match. This method is perfect for companies who are trying to find an employee as soon as possible. The primary task of staffing firms is to bring aid to your human resource department. Even if you have a hiring team, getting help wouldn’t hurt a bit.

Working with a staffing agency can get you:

Access to a Higher Quality Talent Pool

According to Linkedin, some of the most qualified candidates are not that active in combing “help wanted” ads. You’ll know that the staffing agency is efficient if it can establish long-standing relationships with their talent, no matter where they are in their careers, and can contact these dark horse candidates for you.

Completed Background Checks

Good staffing agencies will offer complete drug and background screens of their candidates at your request.

A Great Cost-to-Benefit Ratio

The recent statement of Wall Street Journal states that companies are taking nearly a month to find new employees that fit their needs. However, you can save a lot of time and money by relying on the agency to find you a pool of qualified, vetted candidates from the get-go.

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