Why is Endpoint Protection Important?

A network has multiple user-endpoints which normally consists of laptops, desktops, tablet computers, and other mobile devices. Sometimes, servers can also be considered as endpoints. Simply put, anything that connects to your organization’s network is an endpoint and there is a potential risk that threats come in through these devices. This is where endpoint protection comes in.

On an enterprise level, all employees normally share the same network. If a device infected by a malware for example gets access to the network, all computer systems are at risk of getting infected as well. Then, important data of the company can be damaged, destroyed, or even stolen.

Why endpoint protection is important

Endpoint protection is especially important for organizations that employ a bring your own device setup with their people. Unlike with corporate issued devices, you can be sure that adequate protection is applied to them. BYOD setup does not give you the same assurance hence the need for proper endpoint protection. This is especially true if the employee consistently goes out of the office to meet with customers or clients and connects the device to other networks that might be infected. You wouldn’t want that infection to carry over from an outside network to that person’s device into your network.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become a norm in any organization as well. This poses a completely new threat as these devices connect to a lot of different networks; secured or not. Once they our out there, they might get infected with various malicious programs which can be brought into the office.

With the prevalence of these practices, endpoint protection has become increasingly important over the years. By bringing up your endpoint security, you can prevent these threats from coming into contact with your network. At UTSI, we offer endpoint protection that will help ensure that your network is safe.

UTSI Endpoint Protection

We offer enterprise level endpoint security. This includes protection for each endpoint device used by employees and connected to your network.

One of the most important features of our endpoint protection at UTSI is the ability to detect potential threats. Initial detection is key in protecting your network. This will then allow us to block that threat and perform analysis if it was able to do anything so that any damage can be repaired.

Being able to monitor all this is important so we can tweak the endpoint security to adjust to new found threats as well.

Difference between Endpoint Protection and Anti-Virus

They may sound the same and both serve similar purposes, but endpoint protection is different from an anti-virus program. Both are essential to your overall security though.

With an anti-virus program, this is responsible for detecting, blocking, and removing malicious programs from your entire network. It is there to safeguard your organization if somewhere, somehow, a malicious software is able to get in.

Endpoint protection on the other hand works within the smaller framework of the endpoint device. It treats it separately and is responsible for its own security. Essentially, this protects the doors and windows while the anti-virus program protects the inside of the building.

Our endpoint security solutions are two-pronged. It is installed on both the central server of the organization as well as the individual devices. This features the following solutions:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Network access control
  • Application whitelisting
  • Insider threat protection
  • Encryption
  • Data classification
  • User control

All of these features are designed to help us prevent any malicious programs from entering the network through a separate device.

Our endpoint protection solution creates a centralized administration. Individual endpoint devices’ log entries and alerts are sent to this central admin where the data is then analyzed and evaluated for any potential threat where it can also be addressed. This centralized admin is also responsible for sending out updates to the individual endpoint devices to increase security.

Two key components with our endpoint protection service are access control and encryption. These layers help prevent data leaks, intentional or unintentional, whenever data is transferred from endpoint devices.

Protect your Organization

There are a lot of threats out there and they are evolving; your organization’s defenses should evolve as well to prevent data loss and other security risks. If you need comprehensive endpoint protection for your organization, we are more than happy to help.

At UTSI, our IT security experts will analyze your current infrastructure and network. They will then create a recommendation on how to implement proper endpoint protection to ease your worry about potential risks that different endpoint devices can bring into the organization. Contact us by email at info@utsi.us or call us at (504) 215-8256 so we can discuss how we can protect you.

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