Why MSPs Provide Superior Email Security Against Attacks

Modern technology has evolved, resulting in many programs going obsolete, but emails continue to provide a crucial form of communication. The fact that email is a mainstay of communication across the globe has resulted in relentless cyber-attacks targeting emails. There is no evidence that cybercrime has been suppressed with countermeasures. In fact, cyber-attacks are on the rise, according to multiple studies. Small and medium businesses with limited IT personnel are often overwhelmed in their efforts to ensure email security. When all aspects of cyber-crime are considered, it becomes clear that the help of a managed service provider (MSP) is the best way to achieve genuine email security.

Types of Cyber-Attacks that Target Emails

A recent survey of businesses showed that 95% of participants believed their email security was lacking. It’s largely perceived that insufficient training in security awareness is an issue, though 56% said much of the problem is that employees fail to follow their company’s email security policies. Meanwhile, the barrage of attacks by cybercriminals never ceases. The following are a few examples of common cyber-attacks perpetrated through emails:

  • Phishing. A type of email attack known as “phishing” is when malware is sent through an email that appears to be from a trusted, authorized source. Recipients are often fooled into sharing financial or personal information or installing malware.
  • Spear-Phishing. A customized email based on research into a single person’s interests is sent to one individual in spear-phishing scams. These are highly targeted phishing cyber-attacks.
  • Spam. Also known as junk mail, spam is unsolicited email. Most of the time, spam is sent as an advertisement. There are many times, however, when spam contains deceptive content, malware, or harmful links. The goal of this cyber threat is to obtain bank account information or a social security number.

Who Is At Risk for Cyber-Attacks?

More than 58% of all victims of cybercrime are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Report reveals. There isn’t an organization too small or large to escape attacks by cybercriminals. The pressure suffered by small IT teams to foil all cyber threats is growing even as cyber-attacks are increasing in complexity and volume. A human cost of the continuous onslaught against cybersecurity is the stress experienced by IT personnel.

Why MSPs Provide the Best Email Security

By signing on with an MSP, companies are no longer at the mercy of cybercrime in its many forms. Entire teams of specialists in MSPs are constantly keeping up with the latest and most sophisticated types of cyber breaches. Methods for providing email security are enhanced to address new threats as IT specialists learn and adapt.

With MSP, the pressure to address cybersecurity isn’t on just a few IT personnel. Instead, the challenges posed by sophisticated threats to IT and email security are shared by many. With an MSP as a partner, you have much greater protection against cyber-attacks. In addition, if some type of malware manages to cause damage, you aren’t alone as you deal with the effects of cybercrime.

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